Bread-ed Beauty: 5 Indian Dishes That You Can Make With Bread

What do you turn towards for a healthy breakfast on a busy workday? Well, if you ask me, I’ll say bread because what’s better than bread when it comes to a quick, filling, and healthy breakfast? Filled with nutrition, bread is found on most breakfast tables. Be it French toasts or bread omelets, bread is present in different forms on breakfast tables. But there are days when our hearts want something Desi but our mind says “It's already time”. For such days, we have a list of instant breakfast and snack dishes that you can make with bread without worrying about running out of time. 

Bread Upma 

Whip up a quick South Indian breakfast that is healthy, flavourful and aromatic as well. Enriched with the goodness of bread and veggies, bread Upma is perfect for your breakfast table and lunch box as well. 

Bread Dhokla 

Twist the authentic Gujarati dish by making it with bread. With similar flavours, textures, and aroma, this bread Dhokla is just like Khaman Dhokla but with bread instead of chickpea flour. 

Bread Rolls 

If you are from Delhi, then the name of the dish must not be a surprise for you. A popular street food, bread roll is everything you can expect from an Indian evening snack. The mildly spicy potato filling along with the crispy deep-fried bread covering is enough to lure your taste buds.

Bread Cutlet

One of the favourite Indian snacks, cutlets are delicious enough to make someone drool. With a unique flavour and crispy texture, bread cutlets are perfect for your mid-week indulgence. 

Besan Masala Bread Toast

Personally, these toasts remind me of my childhood summer days at my Grandma’s place. Absolutely decadent, Besan Masala Bread Toast is perfect for any occasion. These toasts with a cup of Chai are the definition of absolute bliss. 

Now put off your thinking caps and rush to your kitchen to try out these delicious bread dishes for a tempting meal.