‘Boycott Upma’: Reddit Users Favour Dosa And Idli-Sambar Instead
Image Credit: Apart from being light and quick to prepare, upma is also quite delicious and filling. Image Freepik

It’s no secret that South Indian cuisine holds an important place in the global culinary landscape. Not only are South Indian dishes loved by everyone in the country as part of their regular meals, but are also now admired by food lovers around the world. Remember a blogger from Thailand drooling over a South Indian fare? Well, there is so much to choose from after all. Be it Dosa or Idli, Appam or Parotta - there are so many delicious dishes that the vast cuisine has to offer. Upma, for instance, is also one popular South Indian delight that is enjoyed across India as a breakfast dish. 

The post was originally shared by user u/SohTasty in the sub-Reddit r/India. "I hate Upma," he titled the post, and went on to describe the nutritional content of Upma, which according to him was primarily carbs. He also felt that Idli Sambar could do a better job at filling the stomach. "Also in my highly valued personal opinion, upma just tastes bad. I think we should all collectively boycott upma," he concluded the post. The critical post has received more than 2k upvotes and hundreds of comments as well. 

Well, the word upma in all the South Indian languages is a combination of salt and flour. Be it uppittu (uppu for salt and pittu for flour) in Kannada or uppumavu in Tamil. And semolina (rava) is usually the go-to ingredient for upma almost across South India, but there have been quite a few variations of upma where people have experimented with bread, sabudana, vermicelli and green peas, etc. 

The versatile Upma can be tweaked and changed with ingredients such as rice or even soybean as well. Experiment with your usual Upma recipe with the recipes we have, and we bet you will not be disappointed with this yummy South Indian treat. Click here for the best of upma recipes that you can try for your next meal.