Bored with Plain Water? Try These 8 Nutrient-Packed Additions

For the vast majority of people, nothing beats a cold glass of water on a hot day. Water tastes better when it's cold because the temperature helps cover up the taste of any contaminants. However, some people have a hard time getting in the daily eight glasses of water, let alone ice water. It goes without saying that water is crucial to human survival. Hydration aids in temperature control, joint comfort, waste removal, and spinal cord safety. That's a job better done by water. Water is essential to survival, yet its refreshingly bland taste may put off some people. The water you drink every day can be made more interesting and beneficial by adding a variety of fresh ingredients. Adding natural elements to water, such as fruit, vegetables, or herbs, can make it much more tasty and pleasant. Here's what to add to make it flavourful. 


Putting a slice of lemon in your water can do wonders for your health. Citrus flavouring adds a pleasant dimension to ordinary water, making it more likely that you'll drink more of it. In addition, the vitamin C and antioxidants included in lemons help to strengthen the immune system, facilitate digestion, and increase water intake. Lemon-infused water is a great way to stay hydrated and promote your health, whether you like it cold or heated. 


It's powerful, spicy, and refreshing, and it may leave your breath smelling like a tropical paradise. You can flavour your water with mint in one of two ways. One method involves merely massaging the leaves with your fingertips before soaking them in water (in a refrigerator, of course) for the night. The water will smell like mint in the morning. If you want to speed things up, you can also muddle mint leaves in water. Crush the leaves with a muddler or a mortar and pestle and add them to your water. 


Cucumber slices infuse water with a delicate and refreshing flavour. Water made from cucumbers is a terrific way to stay hydrated and is beneficial to your health in general because cucumbers are both hydrating and low in calories. Refreshing and tasty, it's a nice change of pace from plain water. 


Fresh turmeric has a tangy, clean flavour, but its bitterness is mitigated when combined with sweeteners like honey. Turmeric, when dried, takes on a more earthy flavour and doesn't dissolve as easily in cold water, but it's less prone to create a mess. Adding fresh turmeric to your water will not only make it more visually appealing, but it will also provide significant health benefits. 


If you find that lemon or lime water is too sour for your taste, you can substitute a more mild citrus fruit. Squeezed straight from the orange, orange juice is delicious on its own or makes a unique addition to plain water. You can squeeze as much orange into your water as you wish because the flavour won't be overbearing, and it will also be delicious on its own. Put some orange slides in your water or drink freshly squeezed orange juice. 


Lemongrass can be used to flavour water by grating or slicing the inner layers after the outer layers have been peeled away. You may want to sieve the fibrous plant after serving the water if you intend to grate it. Be careful not to swallow the lemongrass slices if you plan on floating them in the drink. Instead, let them simmer for an hour or two, and then strain out the flavours for water that is both refreshing and original. 


Basil can be infused into water by either muddling it into the glass or crushing it between your fingers and letting it sit in a pitcher of cold water for several hours. We recommend using tender, freshly washed basil leaves. Maintaining the vitality and freshness of the basil is crucial if you want to sip on basil water throughout the week. Basil can be stored in a container with its stems submerged in water on a windowsill or in the fridge. Put a strawberry slice and a fresh basil leaf in your water glass. Any houseguest would be impressed by this aesthetically pleasing and appetising drink. 


A refreshing and calming beverage can be made by adding ginger to water. Ginger has been used medicinally for centuries due to its ability to alleviate nausea and vomiting, speed up the digestive process, and reduce inflammation. Ginger infusions are a tasty and healthy way to remain hydrated and enhance overall wellness by adding a mild spicy kick to plain water. Warm or cold, this wholesome beverage is delicious and nourishing in equal measure.