​​Boozy Coffee: A Tantalising Cocktail Perfect For The Weekend
Image Credit: Madikeri Mudslide/RCB Cafe and Bar, Bengaluru

The aroma of freshly-brewed coffee is hard to resist, for many. While there are a variety of coffees that one can make - ranging from the simple black coffee to a milky beverage, it is a boozy coffee concoction that is rare to find. The coffee beans are infused with alcohol and whipped up into an amazing drink.

This versatile beverage is often added to desserts to flavour them and you’d find coffee cakes and tarts across patisseries. Gradually, caffeine is taking over the bars too and mixologists are experimenting with the coffee beans to make a delicious combination for the patrons. One such place that is doing this kind of fusion is RCB Café and Bar in Bengaluru.

We’ve fetched a popular coffee cocktail from their menu. Called Madikeri Mudslide, you’d love to try this drink. With hints of cinnamon, the cocktail is a beautiful blend of Kahlua coffee, cream and Baileys, lending it a rich and bittersweet flavour like no other. Kahlua coffee, for the unversed, is a spiked coffee concoction which has hints of alcohol in it and is best paired with cream. Here’s a recipe that you can try.  


    30 ml vodka  

    20 ml fresh espresso  

    20 ml Baileys   

    20 ml Kahlua  

    5 ml cinnamon syrup 

    Coffee beans to garnish 


    Take a shaker and add vodka and espresso to it.  

    Then, add in Baileys and Kahlua coffee.  

    Throw in some cinnamon sugar.  

    You can also add some cream if you please.  

    Shake the vodka, espresso, Baileys and Kahlua and cinnamon syrup together in a cocktail shaker.  

    Serve it into a coupe glass and garnish with the coffee beans.  

    This frothy, coffee cocktail is ready to be sipped.