Boorelu: A Unique Sweet Treat From Andhra For The Festive Season
Image Credit: Image: Facebook- Cook's Hideout

South Indian cuisine is a reservoir of mouth-watering treats. Right from the staple sambar, idli, vada and dosa to non-vegetarian delicacies of the coastal regions such as Meen curry, one is sure to be spoilt for choice. But the fact is, when we think of south Indian cuisine, most of us would picture spicy curries cooked with mustard seeds and served with appams, along with rice delicacies and a host of biryanis. But we often tend to ignore the humungous variety of sweet treats that the south Indian cuisine offers. And no, there is a lot beyond just Payasam and Mysore Pak.

If you dig deeper, you’ll have Halbai, Paal Poli, Asoka Halwa and much more. One such delightful treat from the state of Andhra Pradesh is Boorelu which spells decadence in every way possible. A popular dessert prepared on Telegu festivals such as Varalakshmi Puja or Durga Navratri, Boorelu is also known as Poornalu, Suyyam, Seeyam, Sukhiyan, Sugeelu or Sugunta in various parts of Southern India, and is an easy dumpling dessert  .

While the origin of the delicacy isn’t widely known. But is has been an integral part of the menu in most Telugu festivals and occasions. Urad dal is the primary ingredient in the sweet treat used as a batter, (rephrase)primarily since urad dal has long been one of the most widely grown pulses. Boorelu is served post main course and sometimes as an evening snack in some households. It is served hot along with dollops of ghee to enhance the flavour.  

How To Make Boorelu

One of the more popular recipes of Boorelu comprises goodness of chana dal, mixed in a batter of urad dal with aromatic flavours of coconut and cardamom along with sugary decadence. For the decadent dumplings, you simply need to make a mix of cooked chana dal with sugar, coconut and cardamom powder, divide into small balls, dip in the wholesome urad dal batter and deep-fry in ghee until golden! These crisp dumplings will be ready to be relished. Serve with ghee for an additional punch of flavour. You can also use jaggery instead of refined sugar to make it little healthier. Isn’t it a perfect homemade dessert for the upcoming festive season? Maybe it’s time you let go those greasy store-bought mithais for a homemade treat.  

Find the full recipe of boorelu/poornalu here. Try it at home and share your experience with us.