Bookmark These Life-Saving Egg Hacks To Make Your Day Easier

Weekday mornings are always busy. With so many things to take care of, we often tend to forget about our breakfast. And we all know the consequences of not starting our days with a nutrient-dense, delicious and wholesome breakfast. We end up spending our days in a dreadful mood, a half-empty stomach and loading up on junk food. If you ask us, we will always suggest having eggs first thing in the morning. So, to help you whip up a quick and egg-ilicious breakfast, here are some hacks you need to bookmark.

1. Poach Your Eggs In A Microwave

Microwaves are a lifesaver when it comes to busy mornings. And lack of time shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a perfectly poached egg. So, the best way to poach eggs in less time is to pop them in the microwave.

2. Use A Bottle To Separate The Yolks

Separating the yolks from the whites with the help of a bottle is not a secret anymore. However, most of us doubt the method and stay away from using it, but trust us when we say that there is no easier way to separate the yolks other than this. This method will not only give you perfect yolks but also save you from unnecessary mess.

3. Baking Soda To Your Rescue

Stubborn eggshells are one of the worst things to deal with while making hard-boiled eggs. The hack to get rid of it is to add ½ teaspoon of baking soda to the pan while boiling the eggs and then proceed to peel them.

4. Sieve Before Scrambling

The secret to perfectly soft and airy scrambled eggs is no moisture. Sieve the eggs before cooking them to remove the extra moisture and give them an airy and soft texture.

5. One-Hand Rolling Method

We often get messy when it comes to peeling our eggs clean. The best way to peel eggs perfectly is to boil them, soak them in ice water for some time and then hand-roll them on a chopping board or your kitchen platform before removing the shells. We are sure this method will save you from the tiny cuts and the anxiety while peeling eggs.