Bombay-Style Murgh Masoor Dal Recipe, A Protein-Rich Dinner
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Think about Indian comfort foods and dal chawal is perhaps the first thing that will come to your mind. Whether you are Punjabi or Bengal, Gujarati or from Andhra, every region has a plethora of lentil dishes that are soothing, comforting and best enjoyed with rice—although we all love dal with rotis, puris, parathas, dosas and appams too. How we make the dal may differ, ranging from the vegetable-packed sambhar to the spice-heavy rajma masala, but the sentiment and love remains the same. If you love the comfort that dal offers you then this Murgh Masoor Dal is a must have. 

Originating in the city of Mumbai, erstwhile Bombay, this simply cooked dal recipe stands out because it has the amazing flavours of chicken too. Masoor dal is already a protein-rich ingredient, like all lentils are. It also has plenty of minerals and antioxidants too. Chicken is also a great source of protein, minerals and vitamins. So, the inclusion of both masoor dal and chicken in the recipe makes this Murgh Masoor Dal a protein-packed bowl of comfort. 

Just like all other dal recipes, you can have this Murgh Masoor Dal with both rice as well a variety of flatbreads. The recipe is mildly spiced and light on the tummy, making it a must have during hot summer months. You can also add some curd on the side to make it an even more comforting and enjoyable dish. It is important to remember that Murgh Masoor Dal is very easy to eat and digest, which means that it can be easily consumed by all members of the family, no matter what their age. 

To make Murgh Masoor Dal, you need masoor dal, chicken, onions and a few common spices like cumin and garam masala. Nowadays, people have to be quite vary of food contamination, which is why it’s important to get the chicken from a good source and wash it thoroughly before use. Similarly, it is very important that the masoor dal is washed repeatedly in plenty of clean water to get rid of any toxins on the lentil’s skin. Apart from these factors, Murgh Masoor Dal is a quick and easy dish that anybody can prepare for any meal of the day. Here’s the recipe for you to try out. 

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250 g chicken 

1 cup masoor dal, soaked 

2 onions, sliced 

2 green chillies, slit 

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste 

1 tsp turmeric powder 

1 tsp red chilli powder 

2 tsp cumin powder 

2 tsp garam masala 

½ tsp lemon juice 

Salt, to taste 

2 tbsp oil 

3 cups water 


1. Heat the oil in a pressure cooker. 

2. Add half the onions and half the ginger garlic paste. 

3. Cook until the paste is cooked and the onions turn slightly golden. 

4. Now add the turmeric powder, cumin powder, salt and mix well. 

5. Add the soaked masoor dal and two cups of water. 

6. Close the pressure cooker and cook the dal for two whistles. 

7. Remove the masoor dal in a bowl and mash it. 

8. Now put a wok on the stove and let it heat up. 

9. Heat some oil, then add the remaining ginger garlic paste and onions. 

10. Saute until the onions turn brown, then add the chicken pieces. 

11. Mix well, then add the red chilli powder, green chillies and garam masala. 

12. Continue sauteeing the chicken until it also turns slightly brown. 

13. Now add the mashed dal and one cup water. 

14. Mix everything well, then cover and cook until the chicken is done.  

15. Serve hot with dal or chapatis.