Blogger Tries ‘Chilli And Pork Ice Cream’ In Thailand And Here’s The Verdict
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @justpearlm

Summers are here and all we can think of are all things chilled and cooling. And what’s better than an ice cream at this time? Ice cream is one dessert most of us cannot resist, regardless of the season. Haven’t you heard ice cream lovers saying how it feels even more amazing when it’s eaten during the peak winter season? Ice cream is the go-to dessert for many foodies all around the world, no matter what the weather is like outside. What makes ice cream so delightful is the joy of indulging in a frozen scoop no matter what time of the day. And the diverse flavours are what make it even more amazing. 

While we have all kinds of delicious flavours - like classic vanilla, dense chocolate, nutty butterscotch and even the new ones such as the bubble gum ice cream - we love this delight in every form. But there are some new flavours coming up that are simply bizarre, to say the least. Have you ever heard of or tried a chilli paste and pork floss ice cream? You heard us. Sounds weird, right? If the name of this ice cream has confused you, you would be surprised to know that a flavour like this even exists and is already being sold at McDonald’s Thailand. Yes, you read that right! 

Wondering how it tastes? A Canadian food blogger tried it out for you all and has the answer. Instagram user, Pearl Mah, who reviews all kinds of foods, flew to Thailand to try this unique ice cream. In the video, you can see her sitting with a cup of this unique ice cream. She starts off by explaining what pork floss is basically - shredded pork dried into small particles. Then when she takes a bite into it, she looks at the camera and her first reaction is “I am confused”. She continues, “I like all these things individually. It kind of tastes like you had dinner and then had dessert. It feels like there is stuff stuck in your teeth.” Take a look at her full video here:

“It’s not terrible…but once I realised it tasted like leftover dinner with soft serve, it was over for me” Pearl wrote in the caption while describing the flavour. Since she uploaded this review clip on Instagram, it has been viewed more than 200K times and has over seven thousand likes and several comments. One person writes, “I don’t think I’d like that combination. Separately, yes. Together, no.” Another person says, “You described it perfectly. It's like eating ice cream but you’re still chewing the last bite of dinner then keep eating to clear your mouth.” Someone also adds, “Agree. I love all three but I'm not sure if I'll enjoy this.” 

“Do you think you would enjoy this?,” Mah asked in her caption and many people said that they would never try such a combination. A user writes, “I love pork floss; it’s like savoury cotton candy- but on top of ice cream?? Hard pass lmao.” Another user writes, “Yes, I like sweet and salty, but this might be over the edge.” Someone also says, “I will try anything once, but that's gross.” 

Would you ever try this ice cream out? Let us know.