Blini: A Delightful Pancake Steeped In Russia’s Tradition And Culture

Happiness comes with a decadent bite of pancakes. Don’t you agree? Waking up to a plate of fresh, airy and fluffy pancakes topped with a luscious topping is probably the best feeling in the world. It's just not me who feels this way but there are millions of people around the world that cannot go a day without a bite of pancakes. Being the quintessential breakfast dish, pancakes are available in different types, shapes and texture worldwide. Blini is one of the popular varieties of pancake that is made with leavened batter. It is a type of thin and circular savoury pancakes that is relished mainly in the Salvic countries. These thin and circular pancakes are usually made out of wheat flour that is folded to form a casing which is then sautéed or baked depending on one’s choice. Blini is stuffed before being fried a second time, wrapped around stuffing and eaten without refrying by simply folding and eaten with a dip. Stuffing can be both sweet and savoury. These fillings include chocolate, mushrooms, meat, rice, mashed potatoes and cheese, berries and raisins. 

This pancake variety is so deeply embedded in Russian culture that the word ‘blin' is used as a linguistic signal in communications. It is referred to when a person is searching for the right words to talk to others or to express their dissatisfaction as a euphemism for ‘damn’. In ancient times, blini was considered a symbol of the sun due to their round form. Traditionally, it used to be prepared at the end of winter to honour the rebirth of the new sun. In those days, blinis were baked in special Russian ovens unlike the modern ones that are pan-fried just like other pancakes in the world. The simplicity of making these thin pancakes as well as the basic ingredients yet highly favourable taste have led to the popularity of the dish.

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