Black vs Green Coffee: What Is The Difference? Which Coffee Variant Should You Choose

Coming from a family of tea drinkers, my introduction to coffee was fairly late. In our house, coffee was something you would serve your ‘important guests’, or a drink that you consumed in the peak of winters. As I grew up, coffee became even more elite with the advent of CCD, Barista and similar, sophisticated coffee houses. It was only when I started brewing my own coffee during my board exam preparations, did I forge an intimate bond with the beverage. Coffee is a brewed beverage that is made with roasted coffee beans. It could be hot or cold depending upon your preference. But if you thought those are the only two types of coffees there are, then you cannot be more wrong. Coffee, can be distinguished on basis of preparation, colour, temperature and more.  

There are many legends associated with the origin of coffee, however, the most fascinating has to be of the 9th-century Ethiopian goatherd who discovered the coffee plant after watching the spike in energy levels of his goats who nibbled on beans of the same plant. Till today, coffee is renowned for its energy-boosting properties, there are studies that have shown its effect in increased memory retention, and weight-loss too.  

Now, you may have heard about the never-ending war among the tea lovers and coffee aficionados, but there is another war brewing within the coffee-loving community. Black coffee and green coffee are dividing the coffee lovers, but why?

What Is Black Coffee?

Black coffee is regular coffee brewed with just water. No milk, sugar, or cream is added to the coffee for additional flavour. This coffee is enjoyed bitter and strong. It has proven more effective for weight loss. Regular cup of black coffee (8 ounces) contains zero percent fat, zero percent cholesterol, zero percent sodium and zero percent sugar. It is known to give an instant boost to your energy levels too.

What Is Green Coffee?  

Green coffee beans are seeds of coffee fruits that, unlike regular coffee, do not undergo the process of roasting. Due to this, they have a higher amount of chlorogenic acid, which is said to have tremendous health benefits. It has good amounts of antioxidants and is also helpful in keeping high blood pressure and blood sugar in control. Additionally, it also helps in weight loss.  

Which Coffee Should You Opt For

Both the coffee have their own set of pros and cons. The key is to make an informed choice, there is no harm in mixing and matching. Make sure you always practice moderation. Excess coffee consumption can dehydrate you and also reverse all the benefits you associate with coffee.