Our preferences have changed with time. Particularly while searching eateries, we always look for unique interiors and themes. For some, it’s all about the feel of the place that boosts up their Instagram feed. So, if you are tired of the familiar spots and need visual pleasure while satiating your flavour buds, these five eateries will blow your mind with their unique themes. Check them out. 

Bhaijaanz (Chinese restaurant in Mumbai) 

You must have understood the restaurants' theme by now! Created as an ode to Salman Khan (Bhaijaan), the eatery was inaugurated by five friends who went to the same acting school. Jai ho veg items, chulbul chawal, non-veg na bhool paoge and most wanted bread are on the menu, while the sweets say they are as sugary as ‘Prem’. The place's walls are embellished with the famous dialogues of the actor in his films with his pictures. The furnishings displays Salman Khan's house with his trademark blue bracelet. 

Cost: Rs 900 (Meal For Two) 

The Black Pearl (Barbecue restaurant in Bengaluru)

Taking the name from the Pirates of the Caribbean ship, The Black Pearl has been paraded on pirates. This establishment tries to fall into the theme, beginning from the beverages named captain parrot, pirates fuel, the live pirate grill, and the pirates’ kiss with all kinds of seafood. Located in Marathahalli, this place's decor with the film's props and characteristics makes for an appealing ambience! Their pan ice cream, grilled rabbit, mutton curry and ajwain fish are worth trying. 

Cost: Rs 1500 (Meal For Two) 

Runway 1 (North Indian restaurant in Delhi)

Time to provide wings to your food reveries as you are about to board a plane! Yes, aboard this eatery, an actual aircraft encircled by spring. You get a boarding pass upon entry with an adjustable cover price (over the food bill). So once you are inside, you can enjoy the experience of aircraft dining. What’s more? They also have a notion of dine-on-wings, perfect if you desire to commemorate a personal time with your loved one. 

Cost: Rs 1000 (Meal For Two) 

Gufha Restaurant, Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Want to experience cavern dining? Here at the Gufha restaurant, you will surely get that feeling of being in a cave. Tilwale baby corn, cocktails, vegetable biryani, Hyderabadi achari baingan, chicken curry, paneer tikka and rabri-ras malai are the foodies' favourites. The servers give an exceptional experience of casual dining while being dressed as hunters. 

Cost: Rs 1200 (Meal For Two) 

Kaidi Kitchen (Vegetarian restaurant in Kolkata)

Do you know the Kaidi Kitchen has waiters clothed up as prisoners or jailors? This restaurant claims to have had an arresting encounter in the Park Street area in Camac Street. The eatery is enclosed in jail-like bars, but the menu is not like prisoners' awful stuff. This is a fantastic place for fine dining and has a wide assortment of recipes for vegetarians. 

Cost: Rs 1300 (Meal For Two) 

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