Tips To Keep Biscuits And Cookies Crispy For Long
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Who doesn't like to consume biscuits or cookies? Be it a get-together or a family party; biscuits are a staple to be served with tea and coffee. But shortly after taking them out of the packet, they do not remain crunchy and start tasting bad. But preserving biscuits and cookies properly is a significant concern. If you're also troubled by the problem, then here are some easy ways by which you can keep the biscuits crunchy for a long time. 

Use air tight container

Store the remaining cookies in an air-tight container when you open the biscuits or cookies. Keep in mind that there should be no air in this container while storing them. This is because the biscuits immediately begin to soften and lose their flavour under the influence of wind. 

  1. Airtight container prevents cookies from becoming soft and crunchy. 
  2. To store biscuits or cookies, choose a container that fits easily. 
  3. Never overfill cookies; otherwise, they may break or go bad.

Also, this method helps to limit the air flow in the container and keeps the cookies fresh, tasting crisper for longer. 

  1. Although the best container for storage is glass if you plan to store your cookies in a plastic container, check if they are made of food-grade plastic. 
  2. Suppose you are storing very crunchy biscuits better to place them in a cookie jar. 

Use tissue paper

  1. When you store biscuits or cookies for a long time and want to keep them crispy, spread a layer of tissue paper in the storage container. 
  2. Place cookies on top of it and after filling the container halfway, put another tissue paper in the middle. 
  3. Fill the container by placing cookies on it, and close the container's lid by placing a tissue on top.

The tissue paper will completely absorb the moisture and help keep the biscuits fresh and crispy. 

  1. If you are storing cookies in a plastic container, put a few grains of rice at the bottom and put a layer of tissue paper over it. 
  2. Then, place all the cookies one by one and close the container. 
  3. Rice grains protect cookies from moisture and keep them crispy for a long time. 

Use zip pouch

  1. Always use a zip pouch to store cookies. They do not allow air to enter, and cookies and biscuits stored in them remain fresh for a long time. 
  2. If you do not have a zip pouch, you can still store it in a thick plastic bag but seal the packet properly so that air cannot enter.

With these tips, you can store biscuits and cookies properly and maintain their crunchiness.