Biryani To Curry: Rakul Preet’s Weekend Was All About Desi Food
Image Credit: Rakul Preet/Instagram, She enjoyed a plateful of biryani and more.

While an actor is usually well-known for his/her acting skills, there are some with interesting habits and preferences that make them all the more relatable. Rakul Preet Singh is one of them. The actor belongs to a Punjabi family and her love for food is a language that her fans speak too. Don’t go by her lean body, because she knows how to satiate her cravings very well. Her recent weekend indulgence is all the more proof of her desi preferences.

The Runway 34 actor had a food-loaded weekend this time and we aren’t surprised. She gave us a sneak peek of her delicious spread on her Instagram stories and we were left drooling. While the fact that Rakul is a self-confessed foodie is quite well-established, her desi dil found way in this weekend’s menu. On the table, we could spot a luscious mutton curry. Beside this, there was a bowl of corn and meat rice. This seemed to be an interesting combination.  

Then, we saw the OG mutton biryani, doused with fried onions and cashews and that made our heart melt. A rich and hearty fare was enjoyed by Rakul to the core. However, this isn’t the first time that we spotted the actress giving in to her cravings. Earlier this year, she was travelling to Ladakh for a shoot and during her stay, she shared glimpses of authentic Tibetan food on numerous occasions.


In fact, this one time, she even posted a picture of herself with a bowl of dumplings dipped in curry. While the food looked lip-smacking, it was the caption that made us smile and relate to her. She said, “Dear Food, what would I do without you? #confessionofafoodie” and there was no speck of doubt left after that that Rakul is a hard-core foodie.

Nevertheless, the 31-year-old actor also knows how to maintain herself by working out regularly and keeping herself in shape. The fitness freak follows a healthy diet on a daily basis and even shared a healthy bhel recipe a while back. The way Rakul strikes a balance between her cravings and health is quite commendable.