Bipasha Welcomes Vishu With Some Real Yummy Delights
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The Hindu calendar celebrated it’s new year yesterday and all across the country each one celebrated in their own way with some real delicious food. As food took the centrestage and even bong bombshell Bipasha Basu too couldn’t stay away from indulging into some delicacies at Kerala New Year, known as Vishu 2022. Vishu is incomplete without the Vishu Sadya- a platter that is served on a Banana leaf and sees sweet to savoury and spicy delicacies like thoran, banana chips, Parippu Curry, sambhar, rasam and more. Interestingly even the placing of the sadya has  method/technique as Sadya serving begins from the bottom left half of the leaf. 

Taking to Instagram Bipasha Basu posted a video story of  her Vishu Sadhya where she captioned the video, “We wish you a happy Vishu. Thank you Rohit and Soni Basu. So many more things which are not included in this video. Never-ending feast.”

The all-important 'Sadya' though is a lunch special but actually starts with breakfast, with some Vishu Katta or Vishu Kanji. On that day every malayali wakes up to see the ‘Vishukani’ ( the traditional ritual of arranging several auspicious things). It consists of an idol or photo of Lord Krishna, a decorated ‘Uruli’. As the sadya gets plated with Sharkara Varatti, mango pickle, lime pickle, puli inji (tamarind & ginger chutney), kichadi (Gourd in mildly spiced yoghurt), pachadi, olan, stir-fried vegetables with grated coconut, theeyal, avial, puliserry, kootu curry (black chickpeas curry and so much more the excitement is all sitting under one roof and eating with equal enthusiasm. 

Ending it with a some payasam and a happy burp I also always been fond of the way the Kerala Sadya is placed on the banana leaf. It surely makes for a spectacular sight

The traditional vegetarian fare starts with Vishu Kanji/Vishu Katta, that is traditionally prepared with freshly harvested rice from the field. 

Of all the things that she ate the plate saw some 

Banana Chips

Banana chips makes for an absolute side dish. Deep fried in coconut oil, this crispy snack is either sweet or savoury. Banana slices are dehydrated are not dark yellow and crunchy. 


A dry dish made with variety if vegetables like  beetroot or beans or cabbage sees both fresh grated coconut and is cooked in coconut oil. The coconut adds to the extra punch, taste and flavour to the dish. This vegan and gluten free dish is absolutely delicious and goes best with rice and sambhar. One of the important dish in Kerala cuisine, Thoran is an important part of traditional Keralite sadhya. The tampering of curry leaves gives an extra aroma. 


Another coconut curry-based dish, avial is a mixed vegetable curry that is prepared mostly during special occasions. This coconut-based curry goes best with plain steam rice. Grated coconut adds an extra texture to the dish


This South Indian dish is made on special occasion and goes best with some Appam or  Masala Dosa or Lemon Rice. Made with yogurt, coconut, and vegetables like yam and raw plantain, Kallan is also served as part of the sadya.