7 Indian Treats Perfect For Late-Night Binge Movie Session
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When it comes to selecting a perfect snack for every setting, Indian Munchies stand out with its numerous options. Whether you want to have something comforting for evening snacks or want to sate the late-night cravings, the beloved bhujia and chiwda will always stand as the first choice for many. These snacks are perfect for enjoying during late-night movie sessions, offering a more satisfying experience compared to standard popcorn or fries.

Indian snacks feel special for so many reasons, as they are filled with comforting spices and have a delightful texture and appear to be a step above the popcorn. From the crispy crunch of samosas to the savoury tang of pakoras, each snack brings its own unique appeal to make the movie night entertaining.

So if you're planning a late-night binge movie session, do not settle for the ordinary and go an extra mile with scrumptious Indian snacks.

7 Snacks To Savour For Binge-Movie Sessions Late At Night

1) Mini Samosas

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The bite-sized versions of samosas taste extremely good and give a fuss-free experience. With similar fillings as a typical samosa, this snack offers the same satisfaction and comes in handy when you want to eat it in bed without creating a mess.

2) Bhaji Popcorn

Popcorn-sized onion bhajis is a perfect bite-sized treat giving a crispy satisfaction in every bite. It is also very simple to make at the last minute and the small size helps in frying large batches at one time. You can make bhajis with any vegetable available in your fridge.

3) Papdi Chaat

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Crunchy papdi topped with mashed potatoes, seasonings, tamarind chutney, nylon sev, pomegranate seeds and boondi create a jumble of flavours. This snack perfectly complements mixed emotions felt while watching movies.

4) Paneer Pops

The delectable bite-sized paneer treats give a soothing feeling with a crispy exterior and soft core. Marinated cubes of paneer dunked in a flavourful batter and fried to golden perfection add a satisfying joy to late-night snacking.

5) Mixed Chiwda

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For an amazing no-cook meal, mixed chiwda can be an ideal option. If you have unfinished bags of sev and chiwda lying around in your pantry, it is time to use it all up and combine everything together to create an amusing blend of flavours and textures.

6) Masala Peanuts

Masala peanuts are a heavenly match to pair with drinks for late-night fun. The peanuts complement the bitter kick of spirited drinks. It is perfect on its own as well and you can side it with many other snacks for the night.

7) Plain Bhujiya

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When you're not in the mood to prepare anything, eating bhujiya straight out of the bag can be a convenient option. Just stack up all your favourite flavours while planning the movie session and eat as you like.

These Indian snacks are an appealing option to make the late-night movie sessions an enjoyable pastime. These snacks also offer a satisfying relief from hunger pangs and the flavours uplift the entire experience.