Bikkand Thadsayilele: Tried This Konkani Jackfruit Seed Curry
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Us Indians are taught the ways of sustainable consumption from when we are little. Don't believe me? Picture this, when the lauki is brought from the market, do we not make fries out of their peels as well. Or say, white radishes and cauliflowers, do we dare throw away the leafy greens or the stems that comes with it? No, right! We incorporate every edible bits of each vegetable, fruits, meats and more, which is why our culinary expanse is so diverse and varied. What can't be used or eaten becomes part of the compost for our plants in the garden.

Jackfruit is one such versatile fruits, which is not simply eaten for its sweet, yellow pulp but we can also use them in curries when they're not yet ripe and we even reserve the seeds, for it to be sun-dried, cut up and then turned into delicious curries and mashes. Not to mention, the high nutritious value of these seeds that are rich in dietary fiber and B-complex vitamins. Jackfruit seeds also contain resistant starch, which controls blood sugar. Due to their high fiber content, they help lower the risk of heart diseases, prevents constipation and promotes weight loss. In Konkani cuisine, Bikkand translates to jackfruit seed. In this recipe, we're looking at a straightforward, spicy, tangy and garlicky curry that goes very well with plain white rice or with panpolo which are rice flour crepes or undi, steamed rice flour and coconut dumplings. So, without further ado, let's look at this amazing Konkani curry and how to make it.


-25-30, thinly sliced jackfruit seeds

-15-20, garlic cloves, peeled and crushed

-2 tsp, red chilly powder 

-½ cup tamarind juice, tamarind pulp soaked in ½ cup of piping hot water

-3 tsp coconut oil 

-2 tsp salt to taste

-¼ cup water


-Clean the jackfruit seeds by removing its outer white skin and slice thinly. Retain the brown peel on the seeds since they are good sources of dietary fibre.

-In a pan heat up the coconut oil. When the oil has heated up, add the crushed garlic and fry till slightly brown. Do not burn the garlic.

-Turn the flame in low, and add chilli powder and give a nice stir. The hot oil will open up the flavours in the red chilli powder.

-Add the jackfruit seeds and salt to the pan and give them time to incorporate with the oil, spices and garlic.

-After everything has been mixed well, add the tamarind extract and water, if required, to submerge the seeds under it.

-Close the pan with a lid and cook until the jackfruit seeds have softened.

-Check for seasoning and consistency of the gravy. 

-Take it off the heat and help yourself with a portion over neer dosa or steamed rice.