7 Rajasthani Snacks That You Must Try
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Rajasthan draws tourists in not just for its marvellous architecture but also rich cuisine. While heavier dishes like dal baati churma, gatta curry and laal maas are associated with the region, there is also a range of crispy snacks that Rajasthan is known for. From flaky pyaaz kachoris to mirchi vada, Rajasthan has a snack for every kind of palate. We list seven Rajasthani snacks that you must try: 

Kanji vada

Kanji vada is an unusual dish that is made up of vadas dipped in water that has been spiced with mustard, salt and red chilli powder, and then fermented. The vadas are usually made with moong dal. Especially popular during Holi, the snack may also be eaten all year round. It has a tangy, slightly spicy flavour.

Moong dal pakora

While the rest of us are busy making potato and onion pakoras, people in Rajasthan enjoy moong dal pakoras. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these pakoras make a welcome change from the usual ones. Best enjoyed with ketchup or green chutney, moong dal pakoras make a great accompaniment to a cup of tea, especially when it’s raining outside. 

Pyaaz kachori

A fried snack with a filling of dal and onions, pyaaz kachori tastes great with spicy chutneys. Jaipur is known for its pyaaz kachori, which is one of the most popular snacks from Rajasthan. The outer covering is crisp and flaky, and the filling is spicy. Pyaaz kachoris may be enjoyed on their own or with aloo sabzi. 

Mirchi vada

To make mirchi vada, large green chillies are slit open and stuffed with a spicy mashed potato filling, dipped in besan batter and then deep fried. Mirchi vada is sold as street food across Rajasthan and also cooked in households as a tea time snack. Since the green chillies used to make mirchi vada are large, they are not too spicy.

Bikaneri bhujia

Hailing from the city of Bikaner, Bikaneri bhujia is a crispy snack made with ground moth lentils as opposed to other types of bhujia that uses besan (ground moth lentils are found in the deserts of Bikaner and Jodhpur). It is believed that the first bhujia was made in Bikaner in 1877, and the snack was awarded Protected Geographical Indication in 2010. 

Methi mathri

The round base for methi mathri is made with wheat flour, and the dough is spiced with methi seeds and ajwain. The dough is shaped into balls, rolled out and the tiny circles are deep fried in hot oil, resulting in a crunchy snack that is enjoyed with pickles. Mathri makes tea time better, especially if it happens to be during the monsoon. 

Kalmi vada

Made with a dough of chana dal and urad dal, kalmi vada is a snack that is spiced with ginger, cumin and chilli powder. The dough is shaped into giant chunks and deep fried. After frying, the cooked dough is sliced and the slices are fried again. Kalmi vada tastes best with coriander and mint chutney.