Bihu 2023: Assamese Fish Recipes To Celebrate The Festival
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India is known for its diverse culture and traditions, which make it a land of various festivals and occasions. Each of these festivals is celebrated with great enthusiasm and multiple delectable dishes. Just after the Christian festival of Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the preparations for Bihu begin this year. Bihu is observed to mark the beginning of the Assamese New Year and the start of the agricultural season.

This festival is widely celebrated with various rituals, such as ancestor worship, dance, and music. On this occasion, people decorate their houses with rangolis and dress up in traditional Assamese attire. Another tradition of Bihu is feasting on various delectable delicacies from the kitchen of Assam. Some popular dishes enjoyed at this festival are ghila pitha, poka mithoi, aloo pitika, and jolphai gurir chutney. Fish recipes are also an important part of the Bihu feast.

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Fish has become a staple in Assamese cuisine as the Brahmaputra River flows right through the state. Made with simple ingredients, fish recipes are also an important part of festive celebrations, including the Bihu feast. From masor tenga to khorisa maas, here are the top five Assamese fish recipes you can prepare to celebrate the festival of Bihu:

Masor Tenga 

This is the most popular fish dish in the state, making it an integral part of traditional Assamese thalis. Masor tenga is known for its sour and tangy flavour, which is made by using souring agents like tomatoes, lemon, or dried mango in the gravy. It is usually made with freshwater fish, such as Rohu, Catla, or Bori, and this fish gravy recipe is perfect to pair with any meal. It is very easy to prepare and is mostly served with steamed rice.

Patot Diya Maas

This is a steamed fish dish from Assam that is cooked inside a banana leaf pocket. Made with hilsa, king, or surmai fish, patot diya maas can be eaten straight from the banana leaf. Poppy seeds, peppercorns, and green chillies are the main ingredients used in preparing this recipe. You can enjoy it on its own or pair it with steamed rice.

Pura Maas Pitika

Pura maas pitika basically means mashed grilled fish. It is one of the best fish recipes that is cooked by grilling on fire. The grilled fish is mashed along with chopped onions, garlic, salt, mustard oil, and a few spices. The smoky flavour of the fish and the creamy texture of the mashed potatoes make it a delicious side dish for all kinds of meals. 

Til Diya Maas

It is a fish dish with the simplest recipe, and the key ingredient is sesame seeds. Just rub the fish with turmeric and salt and shallow-fry it in oil. Later, it is combined with sautéed onions, ginger, and garlic in oil and sesame seed paste. Then add the pre-cooked fish to it along with some water and salt to simmer it away until it is well cooked. Garnish with green chillies, and you are good to go.

Khorisa Maas

The term khorisa maas means fish with bamboo shoots. As the name suggests, this fish recipe is prepared with grated bamboo shoots, which are either raw, fermented or in pickled form, along with a little heat from the green chillies. Khorisa maas is a scrumptious dish that can be prepared in under twenty minutes, making it an ideal option for family dinners.