Bihari Sattu Sharbat- Know The Health Benefits Of This Drink
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For a long time, sattu has been a staple in the diets of rural populations of India, especially in Bihar. The farmers and daily labourers swear by sattu sharbat as complete meal in itself. It wasn't until lately that its merits as a superfood were acknowledged. Sattu sharbat or drink recipes are the most widely disseminated and come in numerous iterations, some of which include sugar or salt. Sattu is the powdered form of roasted black chana or chickpeas, sometimes chana dal or Bengal gram. For better digestion and regulated bowel movement, people dissolve a couple of teaspoons of sattu in water and drink it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Regularly ingesting it can rid your body of harmful build-up toxins and strengthen your resistance to illness. Unless in cases when a doctor advises differently, most of us can safely drink this concoction every day. Bihar sattu sharbat is power packed has several health benefits, and everyone can be aided by it. 

Supports and eases digestion

If you want better digestion and regular bowel movements, try taking some sattu sharbat on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. The reason for this is that it contains insoluble fibre, which is helpful for colon cleansing and easing symptoms like acidity, oedema, and blockage. This miraculous flour contains fibre, and iron, all of which work together to ease stomach discomfort by encouraging regular bowel movements. Constipation is alleviated because of regularised bowel movements. Drinking sattu helps your body by removing waste from your digestive tract, improving your immunity.

Supplies both energy and hydration 

Summer's oppressive heat significantly contributes to restlessness, irritability and fatigue. Since sattu includes cooling characteristics, drinks made with sattu are among the most effective summer refreshers. It helps maintain hydration and sustain energy levels all day long.

Regulates normal blood sugar levels

The glycemic load of sattu is relatively low. One's blood sugar levels can be affected by the foods one eats, and the glycaemic index can help you determine how much of an impact each food will have on your levels. Foods with lower glycaemic rates are advised for diabetic individuals since they do not cause a considerable rise and fall in blood glucose levels. As a food with a low glycemic index, sattu is excellent for diabetics because it keeps their blood sugar stable. Both blood sugar and blood pressure can be maintained at healthy levels by consuming sugar-free sattu sharbat.

Sattu sharbat salty version, Image Source: nishawalia20@Instagram

Helps you to shed weight

To lose weight, it's not enough to only exercise; you also need to watch what you eat. If you're having trouble controlling your caloric intake, try eating something low in calories yet high in fibre. And sattu works wonders when combined with other weight-loss diet ingredients. Because of its ability to curb gas and rev up the metabolism, it also aids in the removal of excess weight in a healthy way.

Good for heart health

Sattu's high fibre content aids in maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It shields your coronary arteries and may assist in lowering the likelihood that you will develop elevated cardiac problems in the future.

Boosts women health

Vitamin and mineral losses are exceptionally high during menstruation and pregnancy. Women can replenish lost nutrients and boost their energy by drinking more sattu-rich beverages. Health experts often suggest that sattu is excellent for pregnant women. It can aid in the control of gestational diabetes, the maintenance of regular bowel habits, the stimulation of the baby's healthy growth, and the mitigation of anaemia.

Stimulates healthy appetite

If your nutrient intake is insufficient and your physical mobility is reduced, you will experience a loss of both weight and muscle. This sort of loss is not ideal for your health. The body needs proper nutrition to restore lost energy and muscle mass. It is achieved through food that stimulates a healthy appetite. The magnesium and potassium found in sattu are just what your hunger needs. Improving your appetite will allow you to consume more calories, raising your stamina and facilitating muscle growth.