Bhumi Pednekar Enjoys The Fluffiest Pancakes For Breakfast
Image Credit: Instagram/Bhumi Pednekar

Breakfasts are meant to give you the best start to the day, and if your first meal of the day is delicious then it is very likely that the rest of the day will follow suit. Proving this point to the hilt is Bhumi Pednekar. The actress, who is on vacation in Goa has been sharing stories about her food adventures, and the most recent one is all about starting the day with the fluffiest pancakes

Video Credit: YouTube/Your Food Lab

In a recent video post on Instagram, Bhumi Pednekar is seen enjoying a large plate of fluffy pancakes with berries, kiwis, fresh cream and a berry compote. The video, shot by her sister Samiksha Pednekar, captures the fact that Bhumi Pednekar looks fresh and seems to be enjoying the pancake breakfast to the hilt—and her appreciative sounds after taking the first bite of the dish proves it. 

“As @samikshapednekar says, the food is fantabulous! It was so important for us that the culinary experience at @kaiagoa is loved and craved for,” Bhumi Pednekar wrote in the post caption, while tagging Chef Mohit Savargaonkar.  This breakfast dish served at Kaia Goa is called Pancakes For The Soul and includes fluffy pancaked, berry coulis, fresh fruits, chantilly cream, dark chocolate and organic or truffle honey. 

In case you didn’t know, Kaia Goa is a new beach front restaurant in Ashwem that Bhumi Pednekar is associated with as an investor. “This venture represents my belief in the transformative power of responsible hospitality which is the need of the hour across the world,” she had revealed in a recent post.