Bhujiya Creations: 7 Indulging Recipes For Midnight Cravings
Image Credit: Besan Bhujiya Sev | Freepik

Bhujiya has been a beloved snacktime treat in India for several generations. It is one of the oldest and widely eaten snacks all over the country and its popularity continues to grow every year. Whether it's a breakfast meal, evening tea-time snack or a crispy addition to food, the lovers of bhujiya find several reasons to sneak bhujiya into their meals.

Apart from serving as a perfect snack during day time, it can also be your resolve for nighttime hunger. The crispy strands satisfy the tastebuds with every mouthful and are too tempting to keep away from. In comparison with other fried snacks like potato chips and fritters, bhujiya is relatively low in oil content and can be a source of protein and energy to curb hunger.

If you are tempted to finish up that leftover bag of bhujiya to fulfil your late-night hunger, try these delightful recipes with them and make snacking more fun.

7 Interesting Snacks To Make With Bhujiya Sev

1) Bhujiya Bhel

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Just by combining bhujiya sev with chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, tamarind chutney, green chutney and seasonings, you can make yourself a satisfying bhujiya bhel in no time. You can add in more veggies like sprouts, and greens, or add murmura to increase the quality.

2) Bhujiya Sandwich

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Sandwiching seasoned bhujiya mix with slices of bread creates a wholesome and unique snack that gives off an amusing taste and texture with every bite. Top it off with some cheese and also include chopped onions to add some more flavour.

3) Bhujiya Fritters

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Combining bhujiya sev with seasoned batter along with chopped vegetables creates a flavourful foundation for the best fritters. To make it healthy, use no oil cooking methods like air frying or baking. Add some soaked lentils to elevate the crispness and give it a protein boost.

4) Bhujiya Soup

Soup has always been a satisfying retreat for anytime hunger. Bhujiya is a fun addition to savoury soups and while it may sound something off at first, fried noodles have been a favourite Chinese cuisine for centuries. Give Bhujiya soup a try and savour the creaminess of soup with the crispiness of bhujiya.

5) Bhujiya Paratha

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Who would've thought that bhujiya could create some of the best parathas in the whole world? The combination of whole wheat paratha stuffed with crispy bhujiya sev creates an indulging treat with an unforgettable taste.

6) Bhujiya Raita

For soothing comfort, greek yoghurt raita with bhujiya is a perfectly healthy option. Greek yoghurt is known for inducing sleep and its mild flavours make it an ideal match with bhujiya. You can add more flavour to it by including spices and seasonings.

7) Mixed Bhujiya

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If you have more than one variation of bhujiyas at home, try mixing them all up to create a mixed bhujiya fusion. You can also add gathiya, papdi, mung dal or other farsan dishes to create a flavour-packed treat with different soothing textures.

Bhujia is so delicious in itself that you don't need to add anything to make it better. Yet, if you want something creative to satisfy your hunger then you should definitely try these different bhujiya snacks.