Beyond Thupkas And Momos: Try These 5 Iconic Sikkimese Dishes

Sikkim is the second smallest state of India, home to glistening glaciers, countless waterfalls, beautiful valleys, rivers, and varieties of flowers. It is famous not only for its picturesque view but also for its delicious cuisine. While most of us are in awe of momos and thupkas but there is so much to this cuisine that we are simply missing out. Sikkimese cuisine is a melting pot of various cultures that has evolved over generations. This delectable cuisine is highly influenced by neighbouring countries like Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Sikkimese food makes generous use of rice, maize and meat. Due to the chilly climate and high altitude of this region, fermented foods are also popular in Sikkim, it enables them to be preserved for a longer time.

There are a plethora of options that makes the cuisine worth giving a try. Here is a quick peak into some Sikkimese culinary delights that you must know of. 

Sael Roti

Sael roti is a fried bread that looks like a pretzel in shape usually served along with potato curry. It is mainly a concoction of rice and water which is kneaded in a batter and then deep-fried to perfection. This bread hails from Nepal but it is also a popular dish in Sikkim.

Chhurpi Soup

This traditional soup is often served as a welcome drink. A mouth-watering soup which is made from cottage cheese. In this delicacy yak's milk is used and the key ingredients involve cheese, tomatoes and paanch phoran.

Bamboo Shoot Curry

Also known as Tama Curry, it is a staple dish of Sikkim, which is beloved comfort food. This curry is made with various vegetables and turmeric powder is also added to the dish, which gives it a distinct colour as well as removes the bitter taste of the shoots. This dish is often accompanied with rice.


Phagshapa is a summer staple food, where pork fat is the key ingredient. This stew is a comfort bowl of subtle flavours. At first strips of pork are separately cooked with various spices and then it is stewed with radish. This delicacy has a fair amount of heat due to the generous amount of red chilies which makes it spicy and tantalizing to eat.

Kodo Ko Roti

Kodo Ko Roti is a Sikkimese version of pancake which is made on tawa. The batter of roti is made with kodo or finger millet flour which is spread on a banana leaf. The leaf is then covered and the roti is baked on a tawa. To make this dish more scrummy it is usually served with tomato pickle for the tangy and succulent taste.

Now you know, Sikkim is a versatile state along with its cuisine. Try these delightful dishes and feel free to tell us if we missed out on your favourite Sikkimese dish.