Beyond The Sensational Fatcaron: This Valentine’s Day, Take Your Partner To These Korean Bakeries For More
Image Credit: Pixabay, This is traditional Korean ice cream dessert called Bingsu.

The French are renowned for their exquisite and elegant patisseries and bakeries. Their taste is desserts in unmatched. From soft and moist breads to cakes and tarts, the French know the way around their baked goodies really well. One such baked treat that has become popular around the world today, are macarons. A cross between a cookie and a sandwich, this sweet meat is made from egg whites, butter and sugar. The meringue-based dessert comes packed with a layer of flavours like buttercream or fruit jams. They are soft and flat and come in a plethora of colours. 

This craze was taken on in South Korea a few years back when the French dessert underwent a makeover. The thin and light macarons with a one-layer stuffing were replaced by thick and loaded ones in Korea. They were termed as ddunggcarons, where ddung refers to fat in Korean. The reason behind their name was the fact that the bite-sized macarons transformed into huge chunks of sandwich which had a thick and fat layer of filling, ranging from strawberries, chocolates and dollops of cream. They are so huge that they cannot be eaten at once but have to be eaten in pieces. 

These jumbo-sized macarons brought in sweet and savoury variations of the classic French sweet. Well, we don’t have fatcarons in Delhi but you know what we do? Korean bakeries. If you’re obsessed with Korean culture and cuisine, you have to head to try these baked delights this Valentine’s with your special one. 

1.  The For’est 

Source: The For'est/Instagram

Where: 38, Basant Lok Community Centre, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Cost For Two: INR 700

2.  Sibang Bakery 

Housed inside the newly-renovated mall in Saket, this bakery is all things Korean. From sandwiches to sausage Danish and apple pie, they’ve got it all. Don’t miss out on a hand-picked list of Bingsu from the menu. 

Source: Sibang Bakery/Instagram

Where: 170E, DLF Avenue, Saket, New Delhi

Cost For Two: INR 400

3.  Sonya Bakery Café 

A hub of Koreans in NCR, the Sonya Bakery is a one-stop shop for all Korean sweet cravings. Sbaro, Spbare and Bolog, you name it and these Korean treats will be at your table in no time. 

Source: Sonya Bakery Cafe/Instagram 

Where: B-202, Floor 2, DLF South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

Cost For Two: INR 500