Beyond Kanda Poha: 5 Innovative Flattened Rice Breakfast Ideas
Image Credit: Poha Cutlets

Served as a breakfast staple in many parts of North India, poha is a delicious dish made with flattened rice. Soaked in water and tossed in a host of spices, one can give a variety of shades to the same poha. In Maharashtra alone, you’ll find such diverse kinds, ranging from kanda poha (onion poha) to batata poha (potato poha) and Nagpur’s special tarri poha.

Interestingly, while most households eat poha in the classic form, you needn’t follow the herd. Get creative with the flattened rice in your kitchen cabinet and whip up some innovative dishes that can be served for breakfast. Try poha pakoda, dhokla, and much more and you’ll never look back.

Here are a few recipes that you ought to try this morning.  

1.  Poha Idli

The steamed rice cakes from South India are a breakfast staple. While rice is the main ingredient, along with that, flattened rice and urad dal are added to the batter. Combined together in a smooth mix, the idlis are poured in an idli maker and steamed hot. The addition of poha makes the idlis softer and perfect pairings for sambhar and coconut chutney.  

2.  Poha Pakoda

Who doesn’t like a crispy, fried treat on a lazy Sunday morning? Instead of dipping the sliced onions in besan, one can easily toss them in rice flakes and corn flour. Binding them together, the mixture is spiced up with red chilli powder and coriander leaves. You can also use potatoes for making these pakoras. Coat them and deep-fry until golden-brown.  

3.   Poha Khichu

Have you heard of this Gujarati delicacy before? For the unversed, it is a snackable item that is made with rice flour dough and generally used further, for making papads. Instead of rice flour, poha is used in this recipe. The ball-like bites are steamed in a container and usually eaten with sesame or groundnut oil.  

4.   Poha Cutlets

These crispy and delicious roundels are served straight up hot on the breakfast table. A mashed mixture of boiled potatoes and onions is bound together with these rice flakes. Add some lemon juice and coriander leaves for flavour. You can add spice it up with some green chillies. Fry it and serve with tomato ketchup.  

5.   Poha Paratha

While this classic Indian flatbread is made with wheat flour, the stuffing is that of flavoured poha. The flattened rice is mixed with onions, mustard seeds, curry leaves, peas, and more. Add in some boiled potatoes too. Toss on a tawa and serve them hot. Parathas can be paired with pickles and curd.