Beyond Dal; Vegetarian Curries To Have For Dinner
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Dal at dinner is a staple food in most Indian households. Usually, north Indians prefer having sabzi during the day and dal at night. Dal is dried, split pulses that do not need to be soaked before cooking in Indian cuisine. Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and India are the world's top producers of pulses. The word is also applied to a variety of soups made using these pulses. There are days when you don't feel like having dal for the dinner but don't want to have a dry sabzi either. Vegetable curries are the saviour on those days. Curry is a spicy gravy based dish that is generally associated with South Asian cuisine. Curry tree leaves are sometimes used in southern India. Curry originated in India, and many Indian recipes are curry-based, with various vegetables, lentils, or meats added. The curry's ingredients and preparation style vary by area. The majority of curries are made with water, with dairy and coconut milk added on occasionally. Curry dishes are rich, spicy, and served with steamed rice and a variety of Indian flatbread.

Here are some Indian vegetarian curries that you can have for dinner instead of your usual dal-

Gatte Ki Sabzi

Rajasthani cuisine's Gatte ki sabji is a popular gravy-based dish. Gatta or gatte (plural) are dumplings made from gram flour (besan) that are served with curd-based gravy. Rajasthani gatte ki sabzi can be prepared in a variety of ways. Rajasthani curries are known for their ease of preparation and use of fewer ingredients. One such recipe is Gatte ki sabzi. Most curries contain yoghurt or curd, which not only serves as a basis for the dish but also adds flavour.

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Paneer Do Pyaza

Paneer do pyaza is a luscious, creamy paneer and onion curry with a delicious blend of spices, herbs, and tomatoes. Originally, this was a Mughlai meal with a thick, creamy gravy and no tomatoes. Instead, the gravy contained yoghurt. It has a Mughlai shahi paneer-style white gravy. However, the gravy in the paneer do pyaza from a restaurant contains tomatoes because of its contemporary North Indian influence.

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