Beyond Bharta, Try These Baingan Dishes

Dal, chawal, sabzi, and roti are the perfect weekday dinner! We get to have a balanced and nourishing dinner every day with various dal and sabzi combinations that will heal our souls and strengthen our bodies. One vegetable that is frequently used as a sabzi is baingan! Although many people don't often like this sabzi, this underappreciated vegetable may be used to make some of the most mouthwatering Indian dishes. And when we refer to dishes, we don't only mean baingan ka bharta! Bharwa baingan can be made by stuffing a brinjal with hot masalas, while dahi baingan, a delicacy from Odisha, is made by cooking a baingan in yoghurt. 

Baingan Fry 

This meal, often referred to as Begun Bhaja, is a popular side dish throughout eastern India. The baingans are cooked until they are crisp and then covered in spices to make this baingan curry a mouthwatering delicacy. 

Bharwa Baingan 

Bharli vangi is another name for bharwa baingan in Marathi. After being cooked, the filled brinjal is then served with a thick and filling sauce. You can serve it with rice, naan, or roti, as you want. Although the delectable recipe takes a little time, it is absolutely worth it. 

Achari Baingan 

This dish calls for deep-frying tiny eggplants before tossing them with a spicy, sour masala that will make your tongue tingle. With this baingan recipe and smoky laccha parathas or naan, you can whip up a delicious meal for the whole family. 

Bagara Baingan Masala 

With biryanis, this Hyderabadi curry is frequently offered as a side dish. Baingans are deep-fried till crisp, and then they are covered in a masaledaar gravy made of spices. You may also serve the pulaos with the savoury and spicily gravy. 

Dahi Baingan 

Another fantastic meal that you should try is this creamy baingan gravy! Yogurt and baingan are the two main components of this Odia dish. The cuisine dahi baingan is sour and tangy, made by stuffing the baingan with a variety of spices and boiling them in yoghurt. 

Quick Tip 

Wash the baingan and cut off both ends before cooking. The skin can be eaten, but if you find it to be too chewy, you might choose to remove it. Baingan has a little bitter flavour by nature. Salt it, then set it aside for 30 minutes. Some of the bitterness will be drawn out by the salt. Additionally, it will stop the eggplant from absorbing too much oil and turning greasy while it cooks. Before cooking, rinse it to remove the salt. The baingan can be roasted, baked, steamed, or sautéed. It works well when chopped up and added to soups and curries. Of course, baingan ka bharta is a popular dish. Instead of frying the baingan, bake it to make a lighter version.