The Goan Streets Have A Lip-Smacking Fare To Offer
Image Credit: iStock, From ros omlette to chorizo pao, these Goan delights are a great delight for your taste buds.

Close to the coast, Goan cuisine has been influenced by the coastal flavours in a lot of ways. While the Portuguese can be thanked for the delectable curries and breads, it is the proximity to the sea that makes Goa a seafood lover’s paradise. From crabs to lobsters, every sea delicacy will find its way on your plate in Goa. Well, sounds exotic right? You might be surprised to know that beyond these rich and meaty dishes lies a humble street fare of Goa that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

The Goa(n) sausage, for instance, is actually a special variety only found in the region and relished by tourists and locals alike. Fun Fact: The Hindu Brahmins residing in Goa are a seafood loving community. Now, with such wide-ranging and diverse cultures, the culinary scape of Goa is sure to be a unique experience. 

Without further ado, here are some tasty recipes, right from the Goan streets onto your plates. 

1.  Poi 

It is a special kind of bread, specific to the Goan region and sold on the streets or even by door-to-door sellers. The soft and fluffy bun-like breads are best eaten with curries during noon, though you can always make a quick snack by slathering it with butter. 

2.  Frankies 

A close cousin of wraps and rolls, a frankie is distinct in the sense that it is packed like a parcel and can be stuffed with anything from chicken to vegetables. The filling is spruced up with a hoard of sauces before tossing the entire frankie on a pan. 

3.  Chorizo Pao 

Didn’t we mention about the delicious Goa(n) sausages? The sausage, referred to as the choris, bears a great resemblance to the Portuguese chorizo but it isn’t the same. The knotted beads of meat are tied together and dried in the sun to get a wrinkly effect. These are then stuffed in the pao (bread) and served on the streets. 

4.  Ros Omlette 

This is not any ordinary omlette. The onion-coriander loaded egg dish is dunked in meat gravy, like xacuti curry and eaten with bread. This lends the dry omlette a saucy texture and makes it a filling meal. 

5.  Beef Samosas 

By now, you would have established that Goans love non-vegetarian food more than anything else. These beef samosas are proof. Our lovable aloo samosa is given a complete makeover on the Goan streets by stuffing it with a spicy beef filling. 

So what if you can’t travel to Goa, you can bring the food here right?