Beware! You Might Be Making These Mistakes While Buying Milk

Are you throwing away spoiled or curdled milk quite often? Remember that every time you throw milk in the bin, you are throwing away your money too. Although we think that buying and storing milk is one of the easiest jobs to nail, it is actually a hard ut to crack. Milk is highly perishable and buying and storing it right plays a vital role in increasing its shelf life. Hence, we have curated a list of four common mistakes that you might be making while buying and storing milk.

1. Buying Milk First On Your Trip To The Grocery Store

If you are buying milk the first thing on your trip to the grocery store, then the milk is at the risk of curdling soon. Remember that the more you expose milk to warm temperatures, the more likely it is to curdle and spoil. Hence, keep buying milk the last thing on your grocery store trip to increase the shelf life of milk.

2. Storing Milk In The Fridge Door

We understand that the refrigerator door is the easiest place to access and reach but remember it is also the warmest spot in your fridge. And warm temperatures aren’t too suitable for milk as it’ll have a shorter shelf life and curdle. Hence, we recommend storing it at the back of the lower shelf of your fridge as it has the most suitable temperature for increasing the shelf life of milk.

3. Keeping The Milk On Your Dining Table When You Eat Your Cereal

We often tend to leave our milk vessel or jar on the dining table while we enjoy the morning’s first meal along with chatting with our family. However, this exposure of milk to warmer temperatures may lead to curdling of the milk. So, it's better to take your milk jar/vessel right to the fridge after adding some to your cereal bowl. This will save the temperature alternation and the milk from curdling too soon.

4. Keeping Milk On Your Kitchen Shelf For Too Long

Remember that the more you expose milk to warm temperatures, you are allowing the bacteria to multiply at faster rates. Hence, it is advisable to keep your milk vessel in the fridge soon after you are done using it.

Are you making any of these four mistakes? If you are, then it is not too late to learn about them and never commit them again. Avoid making these mistakes and we are sure your milk will have longer lasting freshness.