5 Must-Try Beverages For A Restorative Lifestyle
Image Credit: Freepik.com

When someone thinks of leading a healthy lifestyle, it usually entails workout regimes, healthy food, exercise and adequate rest. However, one crucial element that often gets overlooked is the role of healthy beverages that go a long way in maintaining optimum health and fitness. Healthy drinks aid in detoxifying the body and increase your energy levels while adding meagre calories. It is imperative to break the misnomer that healthy beverages are tasteless, have expensive ingredients or are time-consuming and complex to whip up. Fitness expert Meenakshi Mohanty, instead, shares a wide range of surprisingly delicious tips for making these wholesome drinks for you and your family in a jiffy.

  • Smoothies: Many people perceive smoothies as an easier way to consume fruits and even some leafy vegetables. They are delicious due to their fruity components and have some key benefits such as hydration, aid in weight loss, digestion and detoxification, and boosting immunity. Smoothies can be made with a milk or yoghurt base or as a concoction of your favourite nutritious fruits and vegetables. For example, a kale smoothie with cucumber, apple or pineapple, or a mango-banana smoothie is great to counter the hunger pangs while maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle.
  • Milkshakes Made With Almond Milk: If you don’t like the taste of raw almonds, you can make a berry milkshake with a cup of almond milk, strawberries and blueberries. Whip all the ingredients in your mixer-grinder and serve it chilled with a spoon of honey. You can also make a milkshake by mixing a teaspoon of oats, half a spoon of chia seeds, one sliced banana and a cup of almond milk for a wholesome breakfast or snack.
  • Mint Green Tea: Being a summer quencher, fresh mint leaves give this mint green tea recipe an alluring herbal aroma and flavour. Just crush some fresh mint leaves, add them to the water while boiling, and strain the water into a cup. Then, add your favourite green tea leaves or tea bag, and you’re ready for an energetic summer drink with minimal caffeine. 
  • Fresh Fruit Juices: Fresh fruit juices are one of the tastiest yet most nutritious health drinks. Take pomegranate, for instance, and it's one of our favourite healthy drinks to fight off colds. Similarly, you can take any other fruit of your liking or mix a few for a unique taste. 
  • Hot Chocolate: Warm-up any milk of your choice, add some cacao powder and serve hot or cold, as per liking. You can even add some cinnamon powder for an added effect.

Food habits are vital for maintaining a perfect body and sound health amid today’s hectic lifestyle. Building a healthy daily routine is a practical yet simple method to create fitness consistency. Besides, it directly impacts your stress levels, sleeps habits, and eating patterns. Everything from what you do first thing in the morning to what you do last at night plays a role in defining your overall health and lifestyle in the long run.