How about a cup of natural ginger tea? It is stimulating and tranquillizing at the same time. In addition, ginger tea is a pleasant, mildly sour brew for warming up on chilly days. All in all, this fresh tea is a great beverage to keep in your repertory this season. But unfortunately, hardly anyone knows whether ginger should be used grated or crushed in the tea. So today we will talk about this. 

How to add ginger?

Some people grate ginger, and some grind ginger. But, even at tea stalls, only crushed ginger is added to the tea. So now the question is bound to arise how to add ginger to tea? After reading this question, the first thing that comes to your mind is, does it makes the taste different? 

Grated vs crushed ginger

Grated ginger helps the juice get directly absorbed in the tea and doesn't get wasted. However, when you grind ginger in a small bowl, most of its juice remains in the vessel. 

Best time to add ginger to tea 

Do you know the quality of tea depends on the timing of adding ginger? And many of us do not even know the correct timing of adding ginger to the tea. Ginger should be added to tea after adding milk, tea leaves and sugar. Also, keep in mind that the grated ginger should be added after the first boil of tea. 


Do you know that drinking ginger tea also has many benefits? Drinking ginger tea improves digestion. Consumption of this tea after a meal helps get relief from stomach related issues. Ginger tea also cures headaches. The tea leaves and ginger needs to be added a little extra to make a headache-relieving tea. Do you know that the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids present in it improve blood circulation? 

To gain all these benefits, start drinking ginger tea. Also, don't forget to use grated ginger while making tea.