Best 7 Dishes You Can Make With Kabuli Chana This Winter
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Kabuli chana is one of the best superfoods for winter. Packed with protein, fibre, and essential nutrients, these versatile chickpeas not only add warmth to your meals but also contribute to a healthy and satisfying winter diet.

For its simplicity and versatility, this one ingredient can be transformed into several dishes of different courses of the day, ranging from breakfast to lunch to dinner. With its high fibre content, having kabuli chana in winter can be a good idea. This also helps add lasting energy to the body and sate the ever increasing hunger in the winter season.

Here are 7 dishes with kabuli chana to help everyone include this superfood in their everyday winter diet and savour its goodness along with the delicious flavour.

1) Roasted Kabuli Chana

Boiled kabuli chana can be made in tons of different ways, and often tastes good straight after boiling. One can also roast it and add a dash of spice to enhance the taste. Start by tossing boiled and drained chickpeas with oil, salt, and desired spices. Spread on a baking sheet and roast at 400°F (200°C) for 10 minutes, shaking occasionally. They're ready when golden and crunchy. Enjoy this simple and nutritious snack perfect for winter cravings. For a pan version, toss the boiled and drained chickpeas in oil on a pan with medium heat. Stir occasionally until they start to brown. Add the desired spices and continue to stir and cook until golden and crispy. Remove from heat and serve as a delicious and quick snack.

2) Kabuli Chana Hummus Dip

Chickpea hummus is a creamy dip made from blended chickpeas or boiled kabuli chana, mixed with tahini sauce, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. This hearty dip is often served with snacks such as nachos, sandwiches, wraps or as a spread. One can make this recipe as an appetiser or as an evening snack for parties and get-togethers. To make it, combine boiled kabuli chana, spices of choice, tahini sauce, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil in a food processor and blend until smooth.Customize with herbs or spices for added flavour in this simple and nutritious dish.

3) Chhole Ki Sabji

The iconic chole ki sabji is most enjoyed with bhature during winter all over India. By following this easy recipe, everyone can relish this delicious dish at home. Sauté onions, tomatoes, and ginger-garlic paste. Add chole masala, turmeric, cumin, and coriander powder. Stir in boiled chickpeas, salt, and water. Simmer until the flavours meld. Garnish with cilantro and serve this flavorful and hearty North Indian dish with rice or puri for a delightful meal.

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4) Kabuli Chana Pulao

Kabuli chana pulao is a great fusion of the warming taste of kabuli chana along with the wholesomeness of rice. This dish is mostly famous in outside stalls across India and is devoured with great joy during winter. Making kabuli Chana Pulao at home is easy with these simple steps. Start by sautéing onions, tomatoes, and spices. Add soaked basmati rice, boiled chickpeas, and water. Cook until rice is tender. Garnish with coriander and fried onions for added flavour. The nutty aroma of chickpeas blends perfectly with the fragrant rice, creating a delightful one-pot dish. Serve hot with raita or yoghurt for a wholesome and delicious Kabuli Chana Pulao experience.

5) Kabuli Chana Tikki

Kabuli Chana Tikki is one of the most loved snack dishes, mostly enjoyed during winter. It is usually a great way to deal with small evening cravings and often provides a great course of plant based protein. Preparing this is easier when all the ingredients are in place. Begin with mashing cooked chickpeas and blending it with chopped coriander and breadcrumbs. After that, make a smooth dough, divide it into small pieces and shape in tikkies. Pan fry on both sides until golden and serve it hot as a tea time snack.

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6) Kabuli Chana Salad

Chana Salad is a healthier and more nutritious version of the beloved chana chaat that everyone adores. This salad can be easily prepared with veggies of choice along with customised spices. Start by gathering all the salad ingredients such as boiled chickpeas, diced onions, coriander, diced tomatoes, and cucumber. One can add more colour to it by mixing chopped red and green bell peppers. Bring all the ingredients together in a bowl, add in a dash of spices of choice and chaat masala. Sprinkling a small amount of freshly chopped green chillies can be a win-win based on taste preferences. Toss it, mix it, and it's done!

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7) Chana Dosa

Chana dosa is a flavourful and protein-rich dosa variation which is a good alternative to plain rice dosa. Start by soaking chickpeas and rice overnight. Blend both of them along with adding a little water to create a fine batter. Adding veggies of choice to add flavour to the batter, this is optional. Fry the dosas on a heated pan from both sides and serve with chutney or soup of choice.

Even though kabuli chana are great for winter, it is advised to be eaten moderately. Kabuli Chana acts as a healthy supplement for winter and can be experimented with by pairing with different salads, bread and rice. Don’t forget to include kabuli chana once in a while to make the winter diet more scrumptious.