Benefits Of Plums And Desserts You Can Make With It
Image Credit: Plum cobbler/ Instagram- mujganyurtseven

A plum is a type of fruit found in the Prunus genus. Plum has a rich, pleasantly sweet flavour that gets sweeter as it ripens. When unripe, the flavour can be a little tart, but when fully ripe, it can be very sweet. They have the same sweet flavour as any other sweet fruit. A plum is a small, spherical fruit with one of three colours: red, blue, or purple. Upon taking the first bite, you'll feel a burst of tart flavours in your mouth which will eventually get sweeter as you eat it. Plums are also known as aloo Bukhara and are seasonal fruit during the post-summer and pre-monsoon season. Not only they are delicious but are loaded with essential nutrients as well.

1. Plum phytochemicals and minerals reduce the inflammatory response that leads to heart disease.

2. Prunes and plums both support gastrointestinal lubrication. They contain a lot of sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that has laxative properties naturally.

3. Plums include potassium, which benefits blood pressure management in two ways. It eases stress in the blood vessel walls and aids in your body's removal of sodium through urination. Your risk of suffering a stroke decreases when your blood pressure goes down.

4. Plums are stuffed with fibre, which helps prevent a blood sugar increase after consuming carbohydrates. They can also increase the amount of adiponectin your body produces, a hormone that aids in controlling your blood sugar levels.


Plum Cobbler

A cobbler is a sweet dish made of fruit that has been sugared (and frequently spiced) and baked until the fruit is soft and the topping is golden. Plum Cobbler is a simple dessert with sweet crumbled crust on top, cooked with fresh plums. Cobbler is one of the preferred dessert dishes which is the epitome of plum deliciousness. The cobbler mixture is made with sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, and plums nutmeg.

Plum Crumble

Fresh plums are used in this plum crumble or crisp, which has a delicious crumb topping comprised of flour, sugar, and butter that has been mildly spiced. Fresh plums work well in a crumble, and you may also include other fruits like sliced pears, nectarines, apricots, or peaches in the fruit filling. This dessert has a biscuity crunchy texture with tart and sweet flavours of plums oozing out.

Plum Puff Pastry Tarts

Three-ingredient plum tarts with puff pastry. One of the simplest dessert dishes you can make features juicy baked plums on top of flaky, crunchy puff pastry. This is a simple and sweet plum puff pastry tart with a dash of vanilla and amber syrup. This simple summer treat makes use of frozen puff pastry from the grocery and has colourful, juicy slices of plum. It has different textures and flavours that combine well and provide a treat to your taste buds.