Moong Dal Soup: Desi Fix For Desi Monsoon
Image Credit: Shutterstock | Moong Dal soup is replete with protein

Dal soup is a simple recipe for a hearty, full soup made with a variety of lentils, vegetables, and herbs. It is a protein-rich soup that can be served as a whole meal and is not just restricted to the appetisers. From infants to the elderly, all age groups can benefit greatly from this soup. It is also beneficial for those recovering from illnesses. One of the healthiest dal soups is the moong dal soup. Moong is one of the healthiest dal you can add to your diet because it is packed with antioxidants, minerals, fibre, and protein. Moong dal is the split variant of whole green gram, either skinned or unskinned. Yellow moong dal is the non-skinned variant (also called petite yellow lentils). The green skin is present in skinned moong dal, sometimes referred to as split green moong or chilka moong dal. Usually, both the varieties of moong dal are used in cooking. To enhance the food's colour and appearance, though, individuals swap it out. 

Here are some benefits of Moong Dal-

Rich In Nutrients

Moong dal is a nutrient-rich food. Minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, and copper are abundant in it. Additionally, it includes folate, fibre, and vitamin B6. This yellow dal, which is high in B-complex vitamins, aids in the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose and the creation of useful energy for the body. It contains folic acid, which supports DNA synthesis and healthy brain function.

Boosts Immunity

An abundance of antioxidants can be found in moong dal, which aids in the battle against harmful free radical activity that damages healthy cells and lowers immunity in general. Because moong dal is so beneficial for digestion, it also controls your body's uric acid levels, which supports your immune system even more. Moong dal contains vitamins C and B6 which are believed to reduce the risk of contracting a number of infectious diseases.

Helps In Weight Loss

Moong dal is a treasure of plant-based protein and fibre, both of which are essential for keeping you satisfied and reducing the desire to overeat or binge, so minimising calorie overload. Speaking of calories, moong dal soup is a delicious low-calorie option that is also packed with nutrients including vitamins A, B, C, and E. Additionally, it is heart-healthy and low in cholesterol.

Prevents Diabetes

Green moong dal contains fibre and complex carbs. While fibre aids in digestion, complex carbs balance the fast spike in blood sugar levels after meals, stabilising the energy level. Sugar must be consumed by people with high blood sugar levels.

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1. 1 cup of moong dal

2. 1/2 cup chopped onion

3. 2 chopped garlic cloves

4. half inch ginger

5. 1 tsp black pepper powder

6. 1/2 tsp hing

7. 1/2 tsp ghee


1. Add one cup of soaked moong dal to a pressure cooker (soak moong dal half an hour in advance).

2. Then add a cup of finely chopped onions and three cloves of minced garlic.

3. Add a half-inch of ginger after that.

4. Put in a teaspoon of black pepper powder, a half teaspoon of hing, and salt to taste. 

5. Put a half-teaspoon of ghee in.

6. As needed, add salt and water. The more watery you make, the easier it is to digest.

7. Cook in a pressure cooker for 8-10 minutes.

8. Squeeze in some lemon juice and garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves.

9. Serve hot. 


You can add a dash of butter and other spices to enhance its taste.