Bejad Ki Roti to Churma: Exploring Jaipur’s Top 10 Famous Dishes

Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture, and when it comes to the royal state of Rajasthan, it's a culinary adventure. Rajasthan's love for food is evident in its preparation, with dishes that are as rich and spicy as the land of Maharajas itself. In the Pink City, Jaipur, the variety of food is astounding. Whether you crave spicy delights or have a sweet tooth, Rajasthan's platters offer an array of delicious dishes. Don't miss these must-try Jaipur foods during your visit. Get ready for a royal gastronomic journey through the flavours of this incredible Indian state.

Aloo Paz ki Sabzi 

It's no surprise that Jaipur's Aloo Pyaz ki Sabzi is a favourite among both locals and visitors. This unique curry, with its roots traced back to the Mahveer Rabdi Bhandaar in the early '90s, stands out for its one-of-a-kind flavours. The addition of curd enhances the dish's richness, creating a creamy and satisfying texture. For the perfect pairing, it's often enjoyed with Bejad ki Roti, a multi-flour-based flatbread that complements the curry's robust taste. Aloo Pyaz ki Sabzi is a testament to the culinary creativity and traditions of Jaipur. 

Bejad Ki Roti  

A traditional dish in the city of Jaipur, Bejjad Roti is an chapati bread made from a variety of flours. It's a staple in restaurants serving authentic Rajasthani fare, and it goes great with Aloo Pyaz ki Sabzi. Locals and tourists looking for a true taste of Jaipur love this simple but savoury bread because it perfectly captures the region's culinary character. 


The delicious dessert known as churma originates in the Indian state of Rajasthan and is made by coarsely grinding wheat flour and then adding a mixture of ghee (clarified butter) and jaggery for sweetness. Churma is a popular dish in Rajasthan, and it is often paired with Baati, another regional staple. Using coarsely crushed wheat, ghee's richness, and jaggery's natural sweetness, this delicacy not only satisfies the sweet appetite, but also gives the spirit of Rajasthan's food culture. 

Mawa Kachori  

A delicious, sweet treat, Maawa Kachori is a Jaipur speciality. Sweetened condensed milk (mawa) and a variety of fragrant dry fruits are stuffed into these deep-fried kachoris. A sinfully delicious dessert is made, with a beautiful contrast between the crisp surface and the deep, creamy rich centre. If you're looking for something sweet and indulgent in Rajasthan's colourful food scene, Maawa Kachori is a must-try. 

Jungli Maas 

The Rajut style Jungli Maas is a highly flavorful mutton dish that appeals to individuals with a taste for spicy flavours. This Rajasthani dish offers a robust flavour profile that is sure to leave a lasting impression. The dish shows Rajasthan's liking for spices, showcasing a hearty combination of red chilies and fragrant spices. The Jungli Maas is a highly flavorful and aromatic culinary dish that highlights the distinctive food repertoire of Rajasthan, making it a highly recommended dish to experience. 

Pyaz Kachori  

The delicious Pyaz Kachori from Jaipur is well-known all over the world. This popular delicacy is a flaky pastry stuffed with a spicy onion mixture and deep-fried to golden perfection. The seasoned onions inside are wonderfully balanced by the crispiness of the kachori. You must try the Pyaz Kachori if you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Jaipur.  

Gulab Shakri 

Gulab Shakri is a quintessential Indian sweet, often associated with festive occasions and celebrations. These rose-flavoured sugar crystals are a delicacy that epitomizes the essence of traditional Indian sweets. The name "Gulab" signifies the delightful rose fragrance infused into the sugar, which complements the sweetness. When savoured, these crystals literally melt in the mouth, offering a sublime blend of floral aroma and sugary pleasure. Gulab Shakri is a classic treat that adds a touch of elegance to special events and has a timeless charm to Indian sweets. 


Jaipur is renowned for its freshly prepared Besan Sev, a savoury snack that's truly special. While wandering the city, you'll encounter shops with skilled halwais (sweet makers) frying fresh namkeen right on the streets. Sev Namkeen, a crispy delight, is crafted from gram flour and a secret blend of spices, achieving the perfect level of crispiness. Whether paired with tea or enjoyed as a snack on the go, this snack embodies the delicious flavours of Jaipur and is a delightful accompaniment for all occasions. 


Even if you've had it before, baati is one of the best foods in Jaipur that you can't miss. When Baati is freshly cooked, it has a unique, earthy flavour that can't be beaten. This round wheat flour bread has a unique texture, with a hard, crusty outside and a soft, inside. Traditionally, it's eaten with dal (lentil curry)  and Churma, which makes the whole meal better. The unique mix of tastes and textures in Baati makes it a truly Rajasthani food adventure that you should not miss in Jaipur. 

Laal Maas 

Laal Maas is a famous dish from Rajasthan that is known for being bold and hot. There are bright red Mathania chillies in this mutton curry, which gives it a powerful and unforgettable level of heat. The dish is a great example of the strong, unique flavours of Rajasthani food. Laal Maas is a must-try spicy treat if you want to try the rich cooking traditions and bold flavours of this royal Indian state.