Winter season is here and so is the time of season’s freshest produce. Carrot, spinach, methi, cauliflower, so much is there in season. It is also the season of deep-red beetroot, a root vegetable that comes brimming with a whole lot of nutrients and versatility. Plump with many health benefits, beetroot is known to be a rich source of fibre, potassium, iron, copper and magnesium and could help keep your blood sugars stable, regulate digestion and aid weight loss. It also helps negate ill-effects of sodium and keep blood pressure levels in control. Beetroot is said to be a treasure trove of antioxidants too. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps build immunity and fight disease causing free radical activity, is present in beetroot in good amounts. It can be a valuable addition to one's diet for good skin and immunity. 

Since winter is known for seasonal infections due to which cases of cold, cough and fever are on the rise, it is best to pack our diets with all things nutritious and healthy. Deep-red beetroot has an excellent earthy flavour that easily fits into many culinary adventures. Besides flavour it is also popular for the bright pink hue it imparts to every dish it is added to. While a lot of us might not like the raw taste of beetroot in salads maybe, but spruce it up with a host of spices and other ingredients, it can result in a stellar delicacy. 

We’ve got a raita recipe right here that is packed with the goodness, flavour and colour of beetroot, which makes it not just a delicious one but also a beautiful one. A side dish made with yogurt and select spices and herbs, raita is a chilled dish perfect to soothe your senses. Yogurt being an excellent probiotic, helps feed good bacteria and thus keep your immune system strong as well. When combined with beetroot, this raita is an unmissable treat.  

Chilled yogurt, chopped or grated beetroot combined together and seasoned with chaat masala, black salt and green chillies, makes for an amazing treat. 

Click here for the recipe of beetroot raita. Try it at home and let us know your experience.