Beetroot Juice: A Nutritious Morning Drink To Start Your Day

It is a morning ritual in India to start your day with a beverage, mainly tea or coffee. Few people also drink warm water in the morning to keep their bodies free from toxins and improve their digestive systems. Many flavoured drinks, like lime water, green tea, spice-infused water, and juices, are also popular among health-conscious people to start their day in a healthy way. 

But have you ever tried drinking beetroot juice in the morning? Loaded with various vital vitamins and minerals, this vibrant vegetable is known for having several health benefits. According to Healthline, beetroot is good for managing blood pressure, fighting inflammation, and supporting brain health. Apart from being consumed as juice, it is also a part of salads, desserts, raitas, and snacks. 

Here are six reasons to start your day with beetroot juice:

A Great Way To Detox Naturally

This is the primary task of all kinds of morning drinks, and beetroot juice performs it efficiently. This vegetable contains powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that detoxify the body. According to Healthline, since it is low in calories, beetroot juice is a great option for adding to your weight-loss diet. 

Healthy Digestion 

Due to untimely and unhealthy eating habits, many people suffer from digestive problems like bloating and indigestion. Starting your day with beetroot juice is a small step that can provide you relief from these issues. According to WebMD, beets are high in fibre and promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut, which boosts your digestive system. 

Boosts Energy And Stamina 

If you are into regular workouts, sports, or any other intense physical activity, then including beetroot juice in your morning routine is a must. This vegetable juice helps open the blood vessels and stimulates the flow of oxygen throughout your body. Therefore, drinking this beverage every morning will make you feel more energetic and active throughout the day. 

Protects The Liver

According to Medical News Today, beetroot is a good source of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and iron, which reduce the risk of inflammation and oxidative stress in the liver. This juice also accelerates its ability to remove toxins from the body. Therefore, if you have a weak liver, drink beetroot juice daily and stay healthy. 

Keeps The Heart Healthy

Managing cholesterol levels in the body is very crucial for heart health. According to Healthline, the compounds, including flavonoids and nitrates, present in beetroot juice reduce bad cholesterol in the body and also manage blood pressure. This, in turn, keeps your heart healthy and safeguards it from severe problems like heart failure. 

Good For The Skin

Beetroot juice is packed with vitamin C, B6, potassium, folate, and iron, which makes it perfect to deal with various skin problems. According to Netmeds, the juice works wonderfully for acne and dehydrated skin. As beetroot is known to purify the blood, this vegetable can also give you glowing skin. So, start drinking beetroot juice daily in the morning to keep your skin healthy and happy.