Superfoods That Women Must Include For Good Health
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The present times we live in has been all about empowering women and making their voices heard – from body image to menstruation, nothing about being a woman is taboo these days. As cliched as it might seem, strong voices need a strong body to help them leverage the cause they stand with; and with the kind of health-related challenges that women face due to hormonal imbalance and stress, prioritising their own health always comes in secondary. That said, including a handful of superfoods in your diet – whether you add it to smoothies, dough for rotis or even enjoy consuming them in other dishes, this list of superfoods will ensure to keep those oestrogen levels in check and help maintain good immunity and overall health.

Bee Pollen

A combination of nectar and pollen from flowers, this bright yellow superfood known as bee pollen is meant to be ‘fuel’ for the beehives. For a vegetarian protein source, bee pollen contains all the different kinds of amino acids as well as known to be a rich source of B complex vitamins – essential for good hair, skin as well as regulation of hormones. Along with aiding in fertility, bee pollen is known to regulate ovarian function and boosts physical energy when consumed first thing in the morning, mixed with a glass of fruit juice or smoothies. Bee pollen is also excellent to help fight allergies as well as decrease oestrogen levels if it is too high.

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The blue-green algae which grows in water has been quite popular on social media for its beautiful dye as well as ample health benefits that are derived on including it in your diet. To start off, spirulina is known to soothe the symptoms of PMS as well contain gamma-linolenic acid, which calms the hormones down. Spirulina is also known to prevent anemia, one of the most common ailments women are faced with as well as aids in producing serotonin (the happy hormone), due to its tryptophan content. The anti-oxidant rich superfood also contains calcium, magnesium and phosphorous – which help in controlling blood sugar and balancing the absorption of nutrients into the body.

Maca Root


Used by warriors for vitality, energy and strength during the ancient days, maca root – originating from the Andes Mountain range is an adaptogen; meaning, that it is a fantastic source of energy when you feel low during the middle of the day. Regulating hormones helps in regulating stress, which means improved energy levels as well as keeping stress-related hormonal imbalances at bay. Adding a spoon of maca root powder to your glass of milk or having it with buttermilk or juice, helps in increasing libido as well as boosting the chances of conceiving.