Beat The Heat With Desi Bowls Of Delicious Salads
Image Credit: Instagram @flamingfoodsgh | Beat The Heat With Desi Bowls Of Healthy And Delicious Salads

Salads have always been a top pick among those looking to control their body weight, stay fit and maintain healthy skin. Since the emergence of so many diet fads, one food trend that has always found favour is that of salads. Trends come and eventually fade away. However, the humble salad has only seen more respect with every innovation it undergoes. With the summer heat having set in big time this year, here is a look at a few easy salad recipes that are healthy, nutritious and filling. Also, making these is not a big deal. In fact, these can be whipped up in a jiffy.

Avocado Veggies Salad

Avocados are no longer the exotic fruit. Today, it is readily available in local shops as well as retail stores, and is a popular choice for salad bowls. Simply mash the avocado to perfection along with boiled potato, sweet corn, bits of tomato and some lettuce. The veggies you use can also be combined with some fruits such as watermelon. Throw in some lime juice to garnish, use Italian seasoning or even some desi chaat masala to flavour up the salad.

Chana Salad

When you have chana or chickpeas boiled and stored, you can easily stir up a salad. Add tomatoes, onions and some cucumber, along with salt, pepper, garam masala and some lime juice to taste. Your healthy chana salad will be the best filler meal to have. You can spunk up the humble salad with some croutons too.

Unsplash| Have chana or chickpeas boiled and stored? stir up a salad

Cucumber Amla Salad

Slice some amla or Indian gooseberry along with fresh cucumber. Season with regular spices and add some lime. You may even use apple cider vinegar to garnish the same. Add chillies and ginger pieces that are crushed well.

Fruit Salad

Mix some fruits to your liking, but make sure to cut them into small cubes. Add some chaat masala and refrigerate the salad bowl before making a serving.

Unsplash| Mix some fruits to your liking

Mexican-Style Desi Salad

If you have pre-boiled red beans or rajma, throw in some papad shreds with tomato, cucumber as well as some boiled potatoes. Then, add a dash of lime juice and use regular Indian spices for seasoning up the salad. This salad and its variants absorb heat well and also help to stay fuller for a longer period of time.

Since summers lead to loss of appetite, there is no point limiting your nutritional needs. Instead, choose to eat healthy, light and clever. Salads are just the best bets in such a context. Remember not to add veggies or greens that are tough to digest during these months. Try to opt for seasonal varieties of fruits and vegetables. This is one mantra that best underlines the choice of your salad ingredients. Besides salads, try to have lots of water-based foods and healthy homemade meals, of course. 

*Satarupa B Kaur has been writing professionally for a decade. Always on the go, she loves to travel, read books and enjoy playtime with her toddler, as she explores new places and food.