Beat Early Morning Blues With This Instant, Bread Dosa Recipe For Breakfast
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We get it, it is not the easiest thing to wake up every morning and be as charged and energetic as you were the day before. While sometimes you need deep introspection to understand what’s wrong, sometimes, a nice and sumptuous breakfast is enough to turn things around. But how often do you have the luxury of time to fix yourself a delish brekkie? More importantly, how pepped up are you to make a breakfast that requires no less than 26 ingredients!

Guess what, breakfasts recipes need not be elaborate for them to be memorable. And that loaf of bread can be used for myriad other things so just stop toasting all of those slices, already?

This ‘Instant Bread Dosa’ takes less than 30 minutes to come together, and you do not even have to prepare a batter that you need to leave overnight. The batter here is prepared by blending bread slices, semolina, rice flour, poha, curd, and maida, to make the dosa more flavourful even hing (asafoetida), cumin seeds, coriander leaves and salt is also added. The enzymes in curd and pieces of bread, help activate the instant fermentation of the batter, while the semolina and rice flour ensure that your Dosas come our super crisp. Once you have the batter ready, just heat a non-stick tawa(griddle) and pour the batter on the griddle. Ensure that the griddle is well-heated, you can test it out by dropping a pinch of batter, if the edges rise, then the griddle is hot.  

Spread the batter around the Tawa carefully to make round dosas. Add a little oil or ghee on top and the edges. Flip it over, spoon a little oil again. Reduce flame, and cook until crispy and you are done. Here’s the complete, step-by-step recipe.

Serve hot with any chutney of your choice. We particularly love to pair it with this instant tomato chutney. Just take some fresh tomatoes, red chilli powder, fenugreek seeds, turmeric, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, oil and hing and blend it together until you have a semi-thick chutney. Here’s the recipe you have been looking for.

Start your day with this light and yummy breakfast and let us know how you liked it.