Beans Talasani: The Crunch And Aroma Packed With Spices
Image Credit: YouTube @Ooru Oota Upahara - English

The usual preparation of beans involves being cooked with potato and a hefty spread of spices. Well, at least that is how a simple dry vegetable of beans is at least prepared in the Northern parts of India. But if one was to travel the southernmost states and the Konkani region of India the preparation of vegetables is done in the most minimalistic ways. So is the case with beans, which are made in the mix of the most basic ingredients keeping them crunchy and flavourful. The famous bean preparation is Beans Talasani, to put is simple Beans and Garlic Stir Fry. This Beans Talasani will not take hours to cook nor will it require a bundle of spices to make it appealing.

Tracing The Journey From the West to the Western Ghats

According to historical findings, green beans are said to have originated in the Andes thousands of years ago. It is said that the cultivation of beans spread out gradually into the world when Columbus moved around the world as he brought them back to Europe from his second voyage in 1493.

Another explanation states that beans were first domesticated more than 7,000 years ago in southern Mexico and Peru and have been a staple food in the region for thousands of years. Beans are part of an essential diet and continue to play a huge large in South and Central American food style.

It was in Mexico, that Indians developed a variety of beans such as black beans, white beans, and other colour patterns. And it was through these countries that migrating American Indians spread the cultivation of beans to the rest of India.


  1. 500gms Beans
  2. 12-15 Garlic cloves
  3. Salt
  4. Water

For Tempering

  1. Oil
  2. 10 dry Red Chillies


  1. Wash and clean the beans. Chop the beans to the desired length and keep them aside.
  2. Grind the garlic into a coarse paste. Make sure to not ground it into a fine paste. Or else roughly pound the garlic and keep it aside.
  3. In a pan over medium heat pour around three tablespoons of oil. To this add the dry red chillies and let them fry for a few seconds.
  4. To the dry red chillies add the roughly pounded garlic and let it all fry until the garlic turns golden brown.
  5. Then add the beans and salt. Give it all a good mix and sprinkle a little water for the salt to spread evenly and the beans to cook properly. Cover the pan and let it simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes, or until the beans become soft.
  6. Once the water evaporates let the beans fry for at least 15 minutes on low flame.

What makes this recipe of beans interesting and appealing is the very fact of it not being covered with oodles of spices. This bean dish will be loved by children at any coast and relished with full hearts. This recipe will also come to the rescue on a day when there isn’t much energy left to whip out a grand meal.