Bean To Bar Story Of Homegrown Chocolates
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The generic chocolate bar has upgraded itself to an artisanal home-grown pick be it organic, vegan, single-origin chocolates, or those infused with bhoot jolokia chillies and more. Let’s take a big bite into the artisanal chocolate industry

Chocolate is that one happiness which you can eat, it’s the comfort without words. And the Indian market is surely seeing a visible change when we talk about homegrown artisanal chocolate. These small batch artisanal chocolates are no less in quality and flavour than your favourite Belgian bar. But not to forget that the quality of chocolate depends on the method of preparation. An artisanal bean to bar would any day make the taste buds drool. But not to forget that the quality of chocolate depends on the method of preparation. An artisanal bean to bar would any day make the taste buds drool. 

Here’s the list of homegrown artisanal chocolates 

Bon Fiction chocolates


One of the finest Indian trees to bar chocolates that are crafted to seamlessly blend Indian agro heritage with international expertise. The founders of Bon Fiction, Akhil and Prathina Grandhi, have embarked on an arduous journey to bring to life 14 of the most magnificent chocolates made with cacao grown on Indian soil. The spirited and driven couple behind the brand is the key ingredient that makes Bon Fiction superior to any other chocolate. They are determined to create the finest chocolates from cacao that was grown, fermented and crafted completely in India. Their families owned plantations became the perfect launch pad for their dreams when they decided to tap into the infinite potential the agriculture sector held. The chocolates use completely natural ingredients and the brand has 14 unique flavors like Mango Menace, Hazelnut Hour, Lost in a Orange Haze, Cranberry chilli chase and more. 

Anuttama chocolates

Coming from an agricultural family, cocoa has always been an integral part for the owners of this brand.  The cocoa that is use in making farm to bar chocolates are from their our own farm and neighbouring farms in Puttur, Dakshina Kannada in the state of Karnataka . This allows them to keep in check the quality of beans and that the flavour notes are constant.  Offering quality and healthy chocolates is our aim. The founders say “What started as an experiment to make homemade chocolates, has now lead us to where we are. Also the current trend is that the younger generation are more likely towards dark chocolates. Enchasing the opportunity to reach more younger people, our attempt in making these farm to bar chocolates using jaggery has been picking up in its own pace. Farm to Bar Chocolates are known for their versatile flavour that forms as a result of an elaborate process and is crafted with utmost finesse. The brand sees flavours like - Bella Tharai (Jaggery and Coconut), 62% Dark Chocolate With Roasted Almond | Sweetened with Jaggery, Hot Mint, Dark Chocolate With Candied Orange | Sweetened with Jaggery, Dark Chocolate With Pineapple  and more


Naviluna's chocolate is handcrafted from Mysore sees the use of single-origin bars as well as inclusion chocolate bars that are mixed with flavours t are great for Indian palate. Unusual flavours like Mango, Red Capsicum and Chilli chocolate bar, Spiced Fig & Walnut, Himalayan Fruit and Nut and more make it to the chocolate. The brand boasts of a terroir centric approach to the art of bean-to-bar chocolate. The brand is committed to harness the best of what nature has to offer, highlighting the provenance unique to the terroir of our cacao.


 With more than 16 flavours like roasted almonds, orange zest, roasted coffee, Turkish hazelnut, Himalayan pink salt and more, Zevic is all about guilt-free sweet treat is the perfect blend of Belgian cocoa and natural, zero-calorie stevia. The organic sweet taste of the Stevia goes hand in hand with the Belgian cocoa, making this the perfect indulgence. The brand sees gourmet couverture chocolates

All Things Chocolate

This brand totally vouches for taste and ethics, as they are all about chocolate goodness from 'Bean to Bar' by pairing it with fresh locally sourced ingredients. The brand sees many new flavours that are launched every few months. These smart and sassy chocolate is the brain child of Kuhu Kocchar and they believe that chocolates are a celebration of everything from art to the everyday

So next time when you’re eating the chocolate, just concentrate as you feel it melt. And lastly like the saying goes “Anything is good if it's made of chocolate”.