Having a wholesome breakfast will not only keep you energised all day, but it will also be good for your general health. It has been discovered that eating breakfast can increase focus and attention span while decreasing your chances of diabetes and heart attack. Eating breakfast can assist you in maintaining your weight loss in addition to being beneficial for your health. People who are able to lose weight and keep it off eat breakfast each day, according to studies. But more important than just having breakfast is what you're eating. You're not likely to set yourself up for a good or for the best health if you choose wrong options. We strongly advise against eating these first thing in the morning. 

Most of the time, when you see wheat bread, it is simply refined white bread and not whole wheat. Your blood sugar and energy levels ride a roller coaster of sharp ups and downs when you eat refined white bread. For that buttered toast, sprouted whole grain bread is your best choice! Also, don't forget to include some protein, such as peanut butter or eggs. 


Although many people eat sausage for breakfast or during sunday brunch, sausage isn't the healthiest breakfast dish. Ground meats, fat, seasonings, flavourings, and binders are used to make sausage. In general, sausage tends to be high in calories, high in saturated fat, high in sodium (products high in sodium may elevate blood pressure and hence do not support a healthy heart or blood pressure), and high in overall calories. Sausage and other processed meats have been linked to an increased risk of cancer and chronic illnesses. Why not choose another high-protein option like eggs, Greek yoghurt, or nut butters like peanut butter or sunflower seed butter in the morning instead of sausage. 

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Flavored Coffee 

We completely comprehend your desire to have fun while consuming your morning coffee. However, the majority of flavoured coffee drinks are low in other nutrients and heavy in calories and sugar. Treating one as your entire day's breakfast may make you dizzy and cause a sugar crash soon after. It is advised to make a cold brew coffee smoothie at home using banana, peanut butter, and some delectable, pure honey instead. 

Fruit Juice 

Juice is not the way to go about it, even though you might need vitamin C or a rapid boost of nutrients. While all the fibre is removed during juice production, all the sugar and calories remain. A glass of orange juice has more calories than eating five to six oranges, on average. One orange would be enough to satisfy you if you only consumed it and kept the fibre. Even from fruit, consuming too much sugar can result in weight gain, sugar cravings, and low energy. Avoid the juice and opt for a homemade smoothie. Smoothies maintain all of the plant's natural fibre, make you feel full, and take longer to digest. Pre-made smoothie or pre-made protein drink typically contains fruit juices instead of real fruit which lacks dietary fiber. Therefore, make your own with added  fibre.