Be Creative With Adding Chia Seeds To Your Diet
Image Credit: Chia Seeds, Pexels

Although small in size, chia seeds are loaded with essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and omega-3s. You can use chia seeds to ensure a healthy diet by including all beneficial nutrients required by your body and also keep hunger at bay. After all, chia seeds are a combination of liquid-binding power and high fibre content. 

Here are a few suggestive ways to include chia seeds in your diet: 

As a coating

Coat your fish and meat with almond or cornmeal added with chia seeds to attain a fat-burning crust. You may add your favourite spices to the coating, like garlic powder and turmeric powder, to enhance the flavours and perk up the nutrients. Remember, the fish or meat should be baked and not fried to retain all nutrients without overdoing the fats and oils. 

As baking ingredients 

Bread baked with chia seeds, Image Source: Pexels

Bake a tasty and healthy dessert by adding a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds. You may also add the seeds in healthy banana bread recipes or cookies or muffins to give a divine and sweet consistency with a bit of crunch. 

As a part of dips

Spice up a bowlful of chia seeds with hummus, guacamole, and Greek Tzatziki sauce. Include the tiny seeds into your favourite dips to create a smooth gelatine texture. Don't use them raw. Always pre-soak them and discard the extra liquid. Although flavourless, when dipped in the sauce, the seeds will help boost the overall nutritious levels. You may exclude high-calorie ingredients like garbanzo beans and avocado and replace them with chia gel to make it a healthy diet. 

As a nutritious ingredient in pudding

Chia seeds pudding, Image Source: Pexels

Chia seeds for breakfast sound great. Wash the seeds thoroughly before using them. Soak them in a bowl of water or milk overnight. It will allow all the liquid to get absorbed in the seeds. To perk up the taste, add a bit of sweetener and a pinch of spices to churn up the flavour. Prepare a dish of Clementine chia pudding that includes 4 grams of fibre and fortifying protein. You may top it with sliced almonds or a tablespoon of toasted pistachios for a bit of crunch. 

Next time you have chia seeds, keep the tips above in mind.