Basil To Cucumbers, Best Cocktail Garnishes For Your Drinks

One of a cocktail's selling points is how it's served. Like a mystical potion that promises to grant our heart's desire, the colour may be the first thing that catches our eye: a deep, sensuous brown with a pop of orange or an unusual purple tone. However, our attention is drawn to the garnish, which can elevate or detract from an otherwise well-presented cocktail.  

As the trend of cocktail drinking shifts away from overtly sweet drinks like Pina Coladas, more refined options with flavours that are more nuanced have begun to emerge. Here are some vegetables that may prove useful. 

Cucumber: If you want to add a crisp and refreshing touch to your drink, try slicing cucumbers into thin rounds or creating delicate ribbons with them. 

Celery: The characteristic floral aromas of a celery stalk make it an ideal garnish for Bloody Marys and other savoury cocktails. 

Bell pepper: Create a vivid and crunchy garnish for your cocktail by cutting bell peppers into small squares or strips. This will provide a splash of colour to your drink. 

Carrots: Your cocktails might benefit from an earthy and somewhat sweet accent provided by carrot curls or thin carrot sticks. 

Chilli Pepper: You may give your drinks a jolt of heat by garnishing them with sliced jalapenos or other types of chilli peppers. You can change the level of heat to suit your tastes. 

Cherry Tomato: Enhance the visual appeal of your cocktail by incorporating a skewered cherry tomato or two, which will impart a delightful burst of juicy sweetness. 

Beets: A gorgeous baby beetroot is the perfect complement to your beet-infused vodka. You should do everything you can to bring out the rich purple hue of the beets in this drink. Don't skimp on the garnishes; they're essential to the success of the drink. You can use a cucumber slice and a purple carrot that has been pickled. This will intensify the cocktail's vibrant hue and round out the beet-inspired flavour profile. 

Herbs: Although not classified as vegetables, fresh herbs such as mint, basil, rosemary, or thyme can be utilised as cocktail garnishes for infusing them with fragrant notes.