Barfi Parantha; An Unusual Recipe That Will Blow Your Mind
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Barfi is a rich milk-based dessert from the Indian subcontinent. This traditional and classic dessert that is loved all across the country. It is spelt in different ways such as burfi, barfee or borfi. The term barfi is inspired by barf, which means snow in Hindustani (originally Persian) because natural barfi has the colour and texture of snow, the colour may vary when other ingredients are added. Besan barfi (made with gramme flour), kaju barfi (made with cashews), pista barfi (made with powdered pistachios), and sing barfi (made with peanuts)are all common forms of barfi. Its key ingredients are milk powder and sugar. In a vessel, the ingredients are heated until the mixture solidifies. The mixture is then poured into a shallow pan and let to cool. Finally, it is served in squares, diamonds, or circular shapes. It is sweet and soft enough to melt in the mouth like a dream.

 What if you crave something solid that is filling yet sweet? Barfi parantha is the answer to it! Barfi parantha is a sweet parantha that has a stuffing of khoya barfi and is usually cooked in desi ghee. The sweetness of the barfi is balanced with the parantha and is everything that a person with a sweet tooth craves. You can have it as a dessert or a main course. The barfi melts in your mouth with every bite you take from the parantha. It is an unusual combination but is worth trying. It is an easy dish to make that uses fewer ingredients and less time. You may also add rabdi and gulkand powder in the parantha if you want to amp up the sweet flavour.

Here is the recipe for barfi parantha that you can try at your home-


1/2 cup barfi

1 cup wheat flour


Sesame seeds

Desi Ghee

Gulkand powder

Elaichi powder




1. In a bowl, add the wheat flour, ajwain, and salt and mix them well.

2. Add some water and knead the mixture in a dough.

3. Make sure that the dough is neither too tight nor loose.

4. Make small balls of the mixture and roll them into small flat rotis.

5.  In a bowl crush the barfi in a way that the chunks aren't too small or big.  

6. Add 1 teaspoon of elaichi powder and gulkand powder to the barfi and mix it well so that it becomes softer and easier to spread.

7. Spread the barfi mixture on the roti and fold it in such a way that the stuffing is locked inside.

8. Now, roll the folded roti in the shape of a parantha.

9. Put the parantha on a flat pan and cook it with desi ghee until it gets a goldish brown colour.

10. You may grease it with some butter to have a dash of salty taste.

11. Your parantha is ready to be served.


1. While rolling the roti in the shape of a parantha, make sure you apply gentle pressure so that the stuffing doesn't come out.

2. Do not overstuff the parantha.

3. Always use fresh barfi for this recipe.