Banaras’s Lacchha Malai Has Netizens Drooling
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of thefoodiehat's post/Instagram

The love between us Indians and mithai is no longer a secret to the world. The vast array of decadent sweets relished in every single occasion is proof to that. From sugar-syrup dipped sweetmeats to deep-fried goodies filled with delicious stuffings made of dry fruits, India is home to all things decadent. There’s no special occasion that can be spent without relishing some delicious mithais and it surely shows. With Holi just a day away, halwais preparing their trays of gujiyas and bhaang-flavoured sweets tell a lot about Indians’ love for delectable sweet treats. However, if there’s anything stopping most people from relishing sweetmeats, it is health consciousness. The concern to stay away from deep-fried goodies and artificial sugar is probably the only thing that is acting as a barrier from enjoying our favourite desserts. But what if we tell you that there’s a mithai with no sugar at all? Don’t believe us? Well, take a look yourself:

In this video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger with the username @thefoodiehat, we can see halwais pouring litres of milk on iron kadais and reducing them on medium flame. The halwais then proceed to accumulate the malai from the top of the milk and stick them to the sides of the kadai. Once the malai is semi-solid, they remove it and cut it into strips to be topped with chopped dry fruits and served. The mithai is usually called lacchha malai and is served in earthen kulhads.

The video has won hearts on the internet due to the health benefits of the mithai. It was uploaded just four days ago and has garnered about 422k views, 22.5k likes and appreciative comments from foodies across the country. While some viewers have said that the mithai is colloquially referred to as khurchan, others are in absolute awe of it. Take a look at them:

“Yeah banaras hai babuwa. तुम इश्क़ कहना हम बनारस समझ जाएंगे❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

“Bohot hi sahi 😍😍”

“Din Toh Gujaro Banaras mein 😍”

“😍😍 sugar free🔥🔥”

You can visit Rajai Sardar Halwai in Banaras to enjoy this mithai. Do let us know how you like it.