Banarasi Cuisine: 5 Famous Street Food Places In Varanasi
Image Credit: Street Foods In Varanasi

The history of Varanasi is as unique as its traditions, lifestyle and food. Do you know that Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh is one of the oldest cities in India? Banarasis are spiritual as well as chatores; therefore, they love spicy and sweet food. Your trip to Varanasi is incomplete without tasting their delicacies. From desserts to snacks, the streets of Varanasi are filled with various eateries. Here are five Varanasi street food items that you should not abstain from. 

Flavored Lassi

You must have heard tales about drinking 'bhang' at Holi, but Varanasi is a city where people like to drink it across the year. Especially at Kashi Vishwanath Ji, there is a vast crowd of Shiva devotees throughout the year, and here, bhang is given as prasad. Don't worry; only a tiny amount of bhang is added to the lassi; this will not make you intoxicated.  

Best Lassi Shop: Blue Lassi Shop 

Chaat and Panipuri

If you are a chaat lover, then Varanasi is no less than heaven for you. The tomato chaat here is very famous and perhaps is not found anywhere other than Varanasi. Apart from this, it would be best if you also tried the potato tikki and panipuri here. 

Best Chaat Shop: Deena Chaat Bhandar. Here you will get a mouth-watering chaat from anywhere between 30 to 100 rupees. 


Varanasi's kachori is also no less than a treat for spicy lovers. These kachoris with a filling of lentils and potatoes are served with savoury potato sabzi. After eating this delightful combo, you might require something sweet. Don't worry, as you can calm your taste buds with jalebi. 

Best Kachori Shop: The Ram Bhandar 


If you are enamoured with desserts, then you will love the creamy 'maliyo' of Varanasi. This sweet is made from milk cream and dry fruits, especially pistachios, and topped off with saffron. The best thing about this sweet is that it is served in kulhad, which lends an earthy flavour. 

Best Maliyo Shop: Dugdha Sagar - Lassi & Makhan Maliyo 

Litti Chokha

Varanasi is adjacent to Bihar, which influences the street food. Litti and potato chokha prepared from the filling of sattu is the favourite food of Banarasis. Along with litti, you can also try sattu paratha available here. 

Best Litti Chokha Shop: Baati Chokha Restaurant 

So what are you going to try first?