Bamboo Biryani: An Indulgent Gift To Indians From The Tribes Of Araku Valley
Image Credit: Source: Urgeforfood/Instagram

Be it a wedding buffet or a lazy Sunday lunch, the first thing most Indians seem to search for is Biryani. And why should they not? The fragrant long-grained rice, the whole spices, the succulent meat and veggies along with other elements never fail to strike a chord in our hearts. However, if we trace the roots of Biryani, it appears to have originated in Persia and was popularised in India by the Mughals. Like all the other delectable Mughlai dishes, Biryani too leaves everyone craving for more. 

Ever since Biryani was brought to India, Indians haven’t stopped making their own versions of it. From the famous Kolkata Biryani to the lip-smacking Hyderabadi Biryani, Indian versions of this Persian delicacy have managed to transcend boundaries and win the hearts of millions. Being an ardent Biryani lover, I have relished many versions of the dish. However, last weekend left me awestruck like none other. Like every other weekend, my foodie heart craved for a lip-smacking plate of Biryani. However, I wanted to try something new and I ordered Bamboo Biryani from a local restaurant and the flavours are still zinging in my palate.

With a unique aroma, flavour and style of preparation, Bamboo Biryani has a distinct culinary finesse to it. Cooked and served in a bamboo stalk, Bamboo Biryani is made by stuffing the stalk with layers of marinated chicken and flavoured Basmati rice. The stalk is then cooked over the fire for about 30-35 minutes by constantly turning it in between.

On researching the history of this rustic yet delicious delicacy, I came to know that Biryani has originated from the Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh. The tribals of Araku Valley largely depend on bamboo for various purposes and Bamboo Biryani was an epic coming together of a local favourite and a tribal essential. The Biryani was initially sold in the roadside stalls of the Araku region and travelled the country from there. This makeover took Biryani to various parts of India and tugged at everyone’s heartstrings.

So, the next time you crave something that is a classic but not run off the mill, don’t think twice before relishing a delicious plate of Bamboo Biryani.