Baking Hacks By MasterChef Australia Fame Sandeep Pandit That Will Change Your Life
Image Credit: Use ingredients such as eggs and butter at room temperature, says chef Sandeep

Remember the first lockdown? And all the free time we had in hand since we were all working for home? Many of us took a new liking for our kitchen and cooking at large. From banana bread to Dalgona coffee, Shakshouka to ‘Maggi omelette’, we tried our hands at every food trend that took over the internet. During this time, we also saw a lot of baking trends and a general curiosity for easy-to-bake recipes and tips. After all, a lot of us had to celebrate our anniversaries and birthdays at home and it is not quite festive without a cake, is it?  

It is one thing to follow the recipe, and another to end with a cake that looks exactly like that in the picture. After many tough, bitter and broken cakes, you may have realised that baking a cake, is not a cakewalk after all? But it is certainly not impossible to make bakery-style goods at home. MasterChef Australia fame Sandeep Pandit shares three hacks that may change your life.

Chef Sandeep Pandit was one of the most beloved contestants of MasterChef Australia 13, he also cooked a fair amount of desi stuff on the show, which made him an instant sensation among Indians all over the world, the judges seemed to love him too. Slurrp went live with chef recently on Instagram, where he not only prepared some desserts live, but later we also caught up with the chef to share some expert tips.  

“Pinch of salt goes a long way” in making your desserts good to absolutely fabulous. Far from disrupting the flavour, it lends a delicious balance to your sweet goods.  

Use ingredients such as eggs and butter at room temperature.  “otherwise your cake’s gonna be mess”, says Chef Sandeep. You can melt the butter in the microwave and bring it to room temperature if it is fresh out of the fridge, and you are in a hurry. Or simply keep a block out until it reaches room temperature.

Maintain the golden ratio of 3:2:1. What is the golden ratio, you ask? Combine three parts flour, 2 parts butter abd 1 part sugar and your cake is going to turn out just fine. This tip is especially useful for novices who often goff up with the measurements.  

Keep these tips in mind and make delicious cakes. Do tag us in your pictures.