France is the home to the world's best pastries and desserts. Starting with macarons, croissants, tarts and so on, there are hundreds of delicious varieties of pastries that the French cuisine has blessed us with. One of the beloved French pastries in the world is eclairs. Eclair is a toothsome pastry made with choux dough, filled with a luscious cream and topped off with a chocolate icing. Choux dough is a kind of delicate pastry dough made with just butter, eggs, flour and water. Making eclairs begins with typically piping it into an oblong shape with a pastry bag and then they are baked until soft and hollow from the inside. Master the art of making eclairs professionally with the help of our list of tips and tricks. Here are just three you must remember.  

1. Use loads of butter  

One of the prime ingredients in the making of eclairs is butter. A lot of butter is used up to whip a batter for eclairs. So using loads of butter is essential if you desire to have soft, spongy and creamy eclairs at home.   

2. Always add eggs one by one in the batter  

You must always remember to add the eggs one by one instead of pouring all at once. All the professional bakers suggest that while beating a batter for eclairs, eggs must be added in the series until the earlier one fully incorporates into the batter and mixes well. Thus, make sure you add all the eggs one at a time. 

3. Whisk the batter until it turns silky 

The consistency of the batter of eclairs matters the most. Beat the mixture until it turns perfectly smooth, silky and velvety. This step is quite important to remember if you don’t want to mess up with the texture of your homemade eclairs. Beating the mixture until it turns silky automatically implies soft and melt-in the mouth texture of eclairs. 

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